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Published: 07/27 17:09

Volunteer work at ASSEMBLY


We are looking for people who want to make an impact. People who want to contribute and be part of the ASSEMBLY Organizing team.

The over 150 persons in the team are committed, motivated, young and talented. They take responsibility for what they do, work as a team, are ready to learn new things and are not afraid to put in long hours when needed. Most importantly, they enjoy being part of the team and manage to have lots of fun!

If you'd like to be part of the team, please first read the being an organizer-page, which describes what the work is like. You might also want to see what are the benefits and the responsibilities for an organizer. If you don't yet know, what ASSEMBLY Organizing (AsmOrg) is, read this next.


Open jobs

General organizing team

The general organizing team takes care of general organizing tasks such as building the event, Infodesk, seminars and other key tasks.

Position Description

The 10 person BuildCrew team has the responsibility for many different tasks related to building the ASSEMBLY event. The key tasks include working with our sub-contractors in setting up the tables and chairs, labeling the computer places, transporting equipment and material and helping other teams. In this job you should be ready for relatively hard work.

The BuildCrew members need to be present during the building days. However, they are free to enjoy the event as there are no duties during the party. The BuildCrew tasks are manual labor, but after the work is done, you are free to simply have fun at the party.

The BuildCrew is also the standard way of getting into ASSEMBLY Organizing team. Your first year in team can typically work in the BuildCrew.

No more open positions! Thank you to all who applied!


The Infodesk takes care of visitors by helping them with various tasks and providing assistance and instructions. The infodesk is also responsible for many coordination tasks between organizers.

No more open positions! Thank you to all who applied!


WebCrew is responsible for the technical implementation of the various ASSEMBLY www-services (like the one you are using now). Their jobs include deployment, administration and configuration of the WWW infrastructure. The WebCrew also develops new components for the websites and customized existing solutions to fit ASSEMBLY needs.

No more open positions in Webcrew! Thank you to all who applied!

Systems Crew
Systems Crew sets up workstations and servers for the other Assembly crews and does general helpdesking within the organization during the event.

What do we want from You?
  • A good sense of humor, especially when tired
  • Good at working as a team and solving problems with Windows workstations
  • Tolerance for stress
  • You can speak Finnish and English
Valuable, but not required traits:
  • Active on IRCNet
  • Linux skills
  • Hardware (PC) knowledge
No more open positions! Thank you to all who applied!


The CompoCrew is responsible for all of the competitions held at ASSEMBLY - both demoscene and game compos.

Position Description
Assistant Compo Organizer POSITION FILLED - Welcome back next year!
Distro Administrator
POSITION FILLED - Welcome back next year!

AssemblyTV / LiveCrew

The LiveCrew is responsible for entertaining visitors and home viewers on location (e.g., the Big Screen), via AssemblyTV (cable TV and Internet stream), and at the interactive To do all this, we need skilled people with knowledge about AV, TV and IT - both from the content and production point of view.

Livecrew recruiting has ended! Thank you for all who applyed for Livecrew!

Do you want to reach the audience with your work of art?

Would like to see your art, demo, graphics, animation, music, short film or other content played on AssemblyTV to a Finnish and international audience of over 120 000 persons? If the answer is yes, read more!


The NetCrew takes care of all computer networking at ASSEMBLY.

Position Description
No positions open


The Security team is responsible for keeping the event safe for all of us.

Position Description
Security team

Email list for notifications

If you want to stay updated about new positions as they come available, please subscribe to our email list! You can subscribe by visiting the page and entering your email address.

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