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Gamedev compo

Published: 07/26 10:06

The entry must adhere to either the Desktop or the Mobile platform rules. On the Desktop platform you may use the Flash, Shockwave and other browser plug-ins, too. If your game does not run on the competition PC (f.i. it is a game for mobile devices), we expect you to bring the required hardware to the party place and let us borrow it for the juries and recording of the competition entries.

Game development competition

  • Maximum size on Desktop platform is 50 MB in compressed form. On Mobile platform, the limit is 8 MB in executable form. Of course, if you are creating a 2D Java multiplayer mobile game, it is recommended to keep it under 300kB to ease up porting on a wide set of handsets.
  • Showing time is maximum 3 minutes per entry – the game itself can naturally be longer.
  • There are now two options for creating the game video for showing in the big screen and in the compo VODs:
    • The author of the game will play the game during the recording session, which will take place at Hartwall Arena on Thursday. Exact time will be announced after the submission deadline.
    • Alternatively, the author may provide the video of the game in the short film delivery format in DVD-R along with the submission to Infodesk and save us and him/herself the trouble of recording the gamedev entry on the spot. Please add a comment in PTN that you have this video available.
  • The entry must be playable!
  • The user has to be able to exit the game at any time. This may be executed by pressing ESC or other applicable method (f.i. game menu).
  • The game can save high scores and user settings on the hard drive or in the system registry.
  • The game may utilize a network connection if one is available.
  • The game may support multiple platforms: you can make your game to work on Windows, Java, .NET, Flash, Linux, Mac, GBA, Series 60, PSP, J2ME etc. at the same time!

Submitting entries to the GameDev compo

  • Entries must be delivered by Monday 31st of July at 12:00 Finnish time (EEST or GMT+2) by email. If the entry size is larger than 5 MB, please temporarily host the file on your site and provide the URL in your email message.
  • Provide your contact information (name, address and phone number) and include a screenshot image for the competition management system (133x100 pixels, preferably in PNG format). Also include a short (max. 300 characters) description of your game in file called INTRO.txt in your entry. This introduction will be posted together with the screenshot image you provide on the download page for the competition entries.
  • CompoCrew will screen the submitted entries and make them downloadable from the Assembly website by Tuesday evening. PTN system for voting in this competition will be available at latest when party starts on Thursday noon.
  • You will have two possibilities for updating your entry after the initial deadline. The first update deadline is on Thursday 12:00 noon and the second Saturday 12:00 noon. We will not accept updates to the entries in any other points. You should send updated versions of your game to the same email address you used for the first version.
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