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ASSEMBLY Organizing

Published: 2006-07-23 19:50

Information about ASSEMBLY Organizing

Organizer dudesThe ASSEMBLY events are organized by ASSEMBLY Organizing, which is a community of over 200 volunteers with a passion for arranging this unique event in Finland. ASSEMBLY Organizing is incorporated as a company in Finland to provide a solid financial basis for the events and a reliable partner for our sponsors.

ASSEMBLY Organizing's roots trace back to the very first ASSEMBLY events. In the beginning ASSEMBLY was organized by demo groups and individuals from the demoscene. Eventually in 1995 the organizing team for ASSEMBLY grew rapidly, and the team specialized further into doing party organizing and thus became more independent of the demogroups. It was clear that this new entity needed a name, and we started calling ourselves ASSEMBLY Organizing. The team behind ASSEMBLY Organizing consists of veterans from the very first ASSEMBLY party in 1992 as well as new volunteers who have joined the team this year.

ASSEMBLY is organized by young computer enthusiasts for young computer enthusiasts.


ASSEMBLY Organizing

ASSEMBLY events are organized by ASSEMBLY Organizing, a group of over 200 volunteers backed by a not-for-profit Finnish company. Contact us.


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