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Gamedev entries updated on Saturday

Published: 2007-07-26 23:00

The Game development entries have been published. A total of 19 games to enjoy.

On ASSEMBLY summer 2007 we will have 19 Game Development compo entries. The competition is sponsored by PELIKONE.FI

Here are all the entries in alphabetical order, in which they will be also shown on the big screen. Note the changed numbers on some of the entries.

A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder

1. A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder by Kloonigames

A fun action game, in which you play as the infamous rolling boulder and roll over archaeologists.You get to smash and crash the little guys as you try to protect the honor of the golden idols of fertility from the nasty grave diggers.

Requirements: 733Mhz CPU, 64MB of RAM, Graphics card with 16MB of RAM

Download: Windows (updated 23.7.)

APUUN! - The dark hour of the space penguins

2. APUUN! - The dark hour of the space penguins by Mayoneez and the Boyz

This space game is a mixture of strategic playing, where you control hundreds of space penguins and solo flying, where you control a single penguin. The goal of the game is not to let the enemies enter the nest, which is the home for the penguins. At the same time, you should save as many penguins as possible.

Download: Windows (updated 4.8.)

Balls on fire

3. Balls on Fire by Exile Studios

A simple puzzle game with multiple levels. Your objective is to turn and twist the slabs so that the ball gets in to the bowl. Be quick and accurate and collect a huge point pot.

Requirements: Direct3D9 (Windows), OpenGL (Linux)

Download: Windows & Linux (updated 4.8.)


4. Bounce by Tino "Siiseli" Myllyselkä

In Bounce you take the role of an rubberball attempting to survive through 35 dangerous landscapes eating gravitypills and watching out for deadly spikes.

Download: Windows


5. Cellfite by weirdwire

This is a quasi-realtime strategy game in which you instead of building tanks or stable constructions own an army of cells that obey Conway's game of life rules. You can put cell patterns on game field and watch them evolve and conquer more space and energy for you. The goal is to pwn everyone!

Download: Windows


6. Centripetality by Aroppuu, huamn, juhovh

Centripetality is a fast paced shooter game. Your task is to shoot enemy ships and collect as many points as you can. The better you play, the harder the game gets, and the greater high scores you will get.

Download: Windows, Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD and Solaris (updated 2.8.)

Cinnamon Beats

7. Cinnamon Beats by tAAt 2007

Taste the Cinnamon Beats to create some home-made rhythms. Pick a challenge or make your own goodies.

Requirements: OpenGL, sound

Download: Windows (updated 2.8.)

Dicewars DS

8. Dicewars DS by Melw, Reko & 1in10

Dicewars DS is a multiplayer online strategy game in a Risk-like fashion on Nintendo DS. Your task is to conquer the whole world by rolling dice. Only one can survive in the end of the game!

Download: Nintendo DS

Extreme Wheelie Biker

9. Extreme Wheelie Biker by J&S Production

Extreme Wheelie Biker is a 2D motorcycle game based on a realistic physic engine. Each track has different objectives. Can you perform wheelies and other exciting stunts?

Download: Windows

Flaming Space Balls

10. Flaming Space Balls by Marko Kärkelä, Mikko Kärkelä and Pauli Valkeejärvi

Flaming Space Balls! is a mix of Asteroids and Dodgeball. Players start in ships and try to shoot each other for points. A destroyed player can score points and respawn by throwing asteroids at the remaining players. The game supports 4 players on one machine. Network game is now enabled.

Requirements: DirectX 9.0c

Download: Windows (updated 4.8.)


11. JetOut by Unique

JetOut is a simple futuristic racing game where the goal is simply to drive through the track as fast as possible. You can drive against time in single player mode or race against your frind in split screen. Remember to use lots of boost :)

Download: XNA (Windows) XNA (xbox 360) (updated 31.7.)


12. Kuula by Poksi Productions

Kuula is an arcade game where you control a rolling marble by turning the board and letting the gravity move the ball while avoiding dangerous evil holes.

Download: Windows & Linux (updated 23.7.)

Mad Stick

13. Mad Stick by Siffo & co.

Mad Stick is a fast paced arcade ice hockey game for 1-4 players on the same screen. The game has been designed for Xbox360 controllers, but supports keyboard input for one player.

Requirements: Windows XP SP2 or Vista, .NET 2.0, XNA Framework, DirectX 9.0c

Download: XNA (Windows & xbox 360) (updated 31.7.)

PlayDetective Heartbreakers

14. PlayDetective Heartbreakers by Kayo Games

PlayDetective: Heartbreakers is an adventure/simulation game where you play the role of a private detective. Your main task is to investigate infidelity cases by conducting surveillance, collecting and analyzing evidence, solving puzzles.

Download: Windows

Sylph Wind

15. Sylph Wind by Pieslice Productions

Sylph Wind is vertically scrolling shoot'em up game with breatthakingly detailed full 3d-backdrops, arcade-quality smooth framerate and rock hard gameplay.

Requirements: Pentium 3, Radeon9600/GeForce FX, DirectX 9, OpenGL 1.1 with shader support.

Download: Windows (updated 31.7.)


16. Waboga by XZM

Waboga is a board game with simple rules. Move your button to the opposite side before your opponent does the same. On each turn, you can either move a button one square or place a wall. Use the walls to hinder the other players progress and speed your own up. 2-4 players, XNA (PC & XBox 360).

Download: XNA (Windows, xbox 360) (updated 31.7.)

Wonders of the seven seas

17. Wonders of the seven seas by Embed Creation

Wonders of the seven seas is the online action game with sail ships from 16th & 17th century. Choose your ship with full broadside of cannons and sink your opponents. Available for Windows and Linux platforms.

Download: Windows, Linux


18. Xcene Table Soccer by TimeScratchers & Nivel21 Entertainment

Xcene Table Soccer is a table soccer (foosball) simulator, for Windows and Xbox360. You can play solo or against your friends, up to two players per side. Choose your favorite team from several demo groups featured in the game, and compete for the glory and the fun.

Requirements: XNA Framework, Shaders 2.0, Xbox360 Controllers Required

Download: XNA (Windows) XNA (xbox 360) (updated 31.7.)


19. Zompie by Fingersoft

The zombie game.

Download: Windows (updated 2.8.)

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