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F-Secure Khallenge III

Once again, F-Secure provides you a Reverse Engineering competition where the target is to decode programs in order to find hidden information. Like the years before, the task hasn't been easy and only the best 'hackers' have been able to provide the final answer. Are you one of them?


Start the challenge by visiting (which is only accessible after the competition has started).

This is a competition for low-level and assembly hobbyists. The contestants will need to understand the inner workings of complex computer programs with only the binary code in their hands.

The Khallenge consists of three levels, ie. three Win32 EXE programs. When run, the programs will ask for a password. The goal of each level is to find a password that the binary will accept. It will then print out instructions on how to proceed to the next level. The Khallenge programs do not contain destructive or harmful code.

Competition Rules

  1. The contest starts on Friday 1st of August 2008 at 12:00 and ends on August 3rd 2008 at 11:59 (local Assembly time, EET)
  2. The winner of the competition will be the individual who is first to send an email to the address revealed by the last (third) Khallenge file. The following prizes are given to the top three individuals solving the challenge:

    First prize: iPod Touch 32 GB
    Runner-up prize: iPod Touch 16 GB
  3. All winners will be invited at a later date to visit the F-Secure anti-virus laboratory in Helsinki, and will be taken out for lunch by F-Secure researchers. We won't cover travel charges to Helsinki, though. In addition of the fastest solvers, F-Secure will choose two additional winners from the rest of the participants. They won't get prizes but they will be invited to visit F-Secure together with the other winners.
  4. In case no solutions are received for the last challenge by the closing time, prizes are given to the quickest solvers of the second challenge.
  5. Discussion of the challenges is allowed at the Assembly discussion forums, but please don't spoil the fun for others.
  6. You may not try to hack or otherwise breach the security of the contest server.
  7. Sending more than fifty (50) messages to the contest server is considered abusive behavior and will result in disqualification of the contestant. Keep it up and we'll consider legal action.
  8. F-Secure Security Research reserves the right to use the contact information of the contestants for recruitment purposes. Yes: if you seem bright, we might want to hire you.
  9. F-Secure or Assembly Organizing are not responsible for the taxation of the competition prizes. Each participant is responsible for informing their local tax authorities of any winnings and must be prepared to pay any possible due taxes. F-Secure will give out the necessary price information of the prizes to the tax authorities. Winners of previous Khallenges have indeed been taxed for the prizes by the tax officials. If you don't like this, you don't have to accept the prizes even if you win. You will still be announced as the winner and will get the lab visit.
  10. All Khallenge files are Copyright F-Secure Corporation. Distributing the files or modified versions of them is strictly forbidden.
  11. On request, contestants must be able to give a description of the methods and tools they used to solve the challenge. That is, you need to be able to show how you actually did your work. A contestant who is unable to convince the contest organizers that he's actually completed the Khallenge will himself will be disqualified.
  12. F-Secure employees and Assembly organizers are allowed to take part of the Khallenge, but their results will be ignored and they are not eligible for the prizes.
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