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The speakers for the ARTtech Summer 2008 seminar sessions.

ASSEMBLY Summer 2008 ARTtech seminar speakers can be found below in alphabetical order by their surname.

Arnd Bergmann

Arnd Bergmann is the maintainer of the Cell Broadband Engine specific code in the Linux kernel and wrote most of it initially, including the SPU file system (now maintained by Jeremy Kerr).

He has worked on numerous subsystems in the kernel, including the IBM System Z mainframes, and has been employed by IBM to work full time on Open Source projects since 2002.


Organization IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
Position Linux kernel maintainer, Cell Broadband Engine platform
Email arnd AT arndb DOT de
Scene alias N/A


Cesare Castiglia

Cesare "Dixan" Castiglia is born in 1975 in Torino, Italy. After following the demoscene since the late '80s, he started releasing music when he got his first modem around 1994. He got started with the demoscene joining a few local group in the Amiga scene (Degeneration, Megahead, Vajrayana, Elven 11, Ram Jam) then around 1995 he met Spinning Kids at a local scene meeting and in 1997 he switched to the PC scene, composing music with Fast Tracker 2. Right after Assembly 1999 he joined and, around the same days, he joined the SlengPung Staff as photographer. From 2001 to 2003 he has been involved in the organization of the demoscene section at the italian "Webbit" ITC national event. In 2005 he founded the gba-based demogroup "Shitfaced Clowns" together with Kusma, Snarling and Spookysys. Since 2001 he's active as composer, bass player and synth programmer in the non scene-related, electronic-oriented band [dK].

He has been active in the awards as juror (2002-2003) and as head of the jury (2007). He has been awarded with nominations for best soundtrack (2003, 2007), best effects (2005) and best demo (2006).


Organization Spinning Kids, mfx, Shitfaced Clowns, Slengpung
Position Musician in Spinning Kids, mfx and Shitfaced Clowns
Slengpung Photographer
Head of Jury of Awards 2007
Email dixan AT spinningkids DOT org
Scene alias Dixan


Paul Foster

A born geek, robotics and programming have been part of Paul's life since his very early teenage years. His first job supporting and programming automated confectionary manufacturing proved he could also make a living from it. Now 21 years on, 12 of which have been at Microsoft, Paul is once again playing with Robots. His Enthusiast Evangelist role means he can continue playing with technology and get paid for it!


Organization Microsoft
Position Enthusiast Evangelist
Email n/a
Scene alias n/a


Teemu Haila

Teemu Haila has been involved in maintaining a lot of gaming related communities/organisations during the last eight years. He is the current president of the student game development club Score and is soon starting his civil service in Neogames to help third parties develop better indie communities among other things.


Organization Score
Position Student of Interactive Design, Microsoft Student Partner, Game Development Club Score's President, IGDA Finland Web Coordinator
Email teemu DOT haila AT igda DOT fi
Scene alias n/a


Nina Høegh-Larsen

Nina "Leia" Høegh-Larsen joined the demoscene early 1996, after getting in touch with some local amiga sceners at carpenting school (yes, carpenting school). While being involved in some more or less famous inside humour wild compo winners, her real skills are in organizing and managing. Among others she's been involved in organizing Kindergarden, Distance, TRSAC and Simulaatio, and nowadays she's also the project manager of the Scene.Org Awards. Being a Norwegian, she has emigrated to Finland for no particurlar reason and works as a software developer in a small company dealing in the mobile and handheld media industry.


Organization, Kindergarden
Position Party Organizer, Awards Project Manager and then some
Email n/a
Scene alias Leia


Mikko Hyppönen

Mikko Hyppönen works as the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. In his role, he has consulted several high-profile organizations on computer security issues, including Federal Reserve, Microsoft, FBI, US Secret Service and the Finnish Parliament. Mikko has presented, chaired or given keynote addresses in the most important security-related conferences worldwide.


Organization F-Secure Corporation
Position Chief Research Officer
Homepage Blog at
Email n/a
Scene alias n/a


Jani Kahrama

Freelance 3D artist for 10 years (print and TV commercials). Game designer, producer, creative director at Fathammer from 2003 to 2007 (~15 smartphone 3D mobile games).

Started up Secret Exit with Jetro to make good games with good people.

Organization Secret Exit
Position Head of studio
Homepage N/A
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Jaakko Kaitaniemi

Jaakko Kaitaniemi, often better known as Reed Richards, has been making music and maintaining a keen interest in the demoscene since the early 90s. His merits include winning over 20 music competitions, including several first places at Assembly, as well as contributing to several award-winning Fairlight productions. Professionally he's an nth (yes, nth) year IT student at the University of Jyväskylä, extending his expertise in both web development and music producing


Organization Fairlight
Position Musician
Email reed AT reed DOT cc
Scene alias Reed


Jussi Laakkonen

Jussi Laakkonen is the CEO and founder of Everyplay, a startup in the social gaming space (that is currently actively recruiting talented game developers!). Prior to founding Everyplay, Jussi worked four years as the director of business development at Bugbear Entertainment, a Finnish game development studio known for its FlatOut series. He has been producing and dreaming up video games, cutting deals with game publishers, filling in the dish washer and doing other exciting things =).

Jussi has been active on the demoscene since 1992 when he joined Future Crew. In that fateful year he also helped in a minor role with ASSEMBLY '92 and has since been part of the organizing team behind the event. Currently he is one of the two main organizers.


Organization Everyplay, Assembly Organizing, Future Crew
Position CEO, founder
Homepage n/a
Scene alias Abyss


Jetro Lauha

Jetro Lauha is a long-time contributor to the demoscene since the early 90's, and has visited all of the Assembly parties beginning from the very first one. Along making demos and intros, he has made a number of games, such as the "Stair Dismount" (Porrasturvat) with its sequels.

Nowadays Jetro works at Secret Exit, a game company he co-founded. Before that he worked as a Software Architect at Sulake Corporation.

Organization Secret Exit
Position Co-founder, Technical Lead
Email N/A
Scene alias Jetro


Kristoffer Lawson

Founder of the Alternative Party. Member of the classic Atari demogroup 'Aggression'. Partner at the consultancy company Fishpool Creations Ltd and most recently is a Co-Founder of Scred Ltd, a startup which is helping to manage finances, debts and expenses of friends and groups. Kristoffer, or Setok as he's known to many, fell in love with computers upon first lying eyes on an Amstrad CPC at the tender age of 7. He immediately started saving from his meagre pocket money and purchased a Sinclair Spectrum for his 8th birthday, for which he started programming. His interest in computers and their world-changing capabilities has never since diminished. Additionally Kristoffer is very fond of writing, music and has many artists in his family. His dreams are to build a TARDIS, a warp drive and to meet alien beings.

Organization Alternative Party
Position Chief Creative Officer
Email setok AT scred DOT com
Scene alias Setok


Ian McNaughton

Ian joined AMD in 2006 as Senior Product Manager for the AMD Athlon 64(tm) FX processor line. Previously Ian held Senior Marketing and Product Management roles with such companies as ATI and Mitel Corporation. While at ATI Technologies, Ian managed multiple complex product launches as well as ATI's HL2 GTM program. Working closely with the developer community has enabled Ian to foster key industry relationships that he continues to enjoy today at AMD. Born in Ontario, Canada, Ian currently resides in the UK with his family. He is passionate about technology and especially the gaming industry. Well known throughout the hardware and software community, Ian is widely considered a legitimate expert in the computer and gaming fields. Whether it is console or PC, the platform doesn't matter; Ian is dedicated to evangelizing enthusiast products.

Organization AMD
Position Senior Manager Product and Platform Marketing EMEA
Homepage N/A
Email Ian DOT Mcnaughton AT amd DOT com
Scene alias N/A


Mikko Mononen

Mikko has been involved in the demo scene since mid 90's in a group called Moppi Productions. Moppi Productions has won many second places with demos such as iX (2nd @ ASM03) and Assembly 2004 invitation (2nd @ BP04). Mikko is the author of a demo creation tool Moppi Demopaja. More recently Mikko worked as Lead AI Programmer on a game called Crysis at Crytek. Currently Mikko is designer-programmer at Anyfun Games.

Organization Anyfun games
Position Designer-Programmer
Homepage N/A
Email memon AT inside DOT org
Scene alias Memon


Marko Mäkilaakso

Emma-awarded Marko Mäkilaakso is a music video director (Apocalyptica, Uniklubi, Mighty 44, Sturm und Drang, Tiktak, Antti Tuisku, and Indica, for example) and internationally recognized and awarded short film director (Sotilas, World between us). In an American film Night Beasts Mäkilaakso worked as a 2nd Unit director. As a director, Mäkilaakso's merits also include television-series (such as Loman tarpeessa), and several commercials and documentaries in Finland and in the United States. He is currently in post-production of his feature debut Stone´s War and writing a script with comic book maestro Stan Lee.

Organization Lithuanian Film Studios
Position Director / Writer / Producer
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Martti Nurmikari

Having followed the demoscene since the mid-nineties, Martti wrote his first demo for Assembly 1999. Since then he has contributed to over fifty different demoscene releases under many group labels, ranging from demos and small intros to writing articles for magazines, as well as organizing parties. He's studying computer science and currently working as a game programmer at Digital Chocolate's Sumea studio.


Organization Traction
Position Demo coder
Homepage N/A
Email syksyisin AT gmail DOT com
Scene alias Preacher


Elina Ollila

Elina is a playability expert and a games researcher and designer at Nokia Research Center. She has worked on creating playtesting process at Nokia and conducted playtesting sessions for mobile games for three years. Prior to playtesting, she has worked on game design and research, e.g. social phenomena in online worlds.

Organization Nokia Research Center
Position Member of Research Staff
Scene alias N/A


Pilvari Pirtola

Been involved with demoscene since 1993. Since that been to over 70 parties and involved in some over 100 released productions. This year graduated as Master of Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, and is now working as a free artist. Nosfe has also been active in the experimental music scene, and has performed a lot in Finland and abroad.

Organization Flo
Position Artist
Email N/A
Scene alias Nosfe


Petri Purho

Petri Purho is the CEO of Kloonigames. He also cleans the toilets in the office. Or the toilet... in his apartment (because he's the only employee of Kloonigames and he works from his home). He's also done a bunch of 7 day game prototypes (most famous of them being Crayon Physics) and has previously worked as a programmer at Frozenbyte. He's currently working on Crayon Physics Deluxe.


Organization Kloonigames
Position Game developer
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Johannes Rajala

Johannes studied in the Master of Advanced Computer Graphics education in the University of Linköping. He did his final thesis about Dynamic Mesh Deformation in Realtime for a famous driving game developer Bugbear Entertainment. Currently Johannes is employed in the same company as a programmer.


Organization Bugbear Entertainment
Position Programmer
Homepage N/A
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Teppo Soininen

Teppo Soininen is working for Umbra Software as a Technology Evangelist. He is mainly responsible for technical marketing of Umbra's middleware products. Before joining Umbra Teppo has worked as a software engineer for NVIDIA and Hybrid Graphics. Teppo has also done computer graphics research at Tampere University of Technology.


Organization Umbra Software
Position Technology Evangelist
Email teppo AT umbra DOT fi
Scene alias N/A


Jere Sanisalo

Jere "XMunkki" Sanisalo has worked in the game industry for 8 years; last 6 as a programmer at Housemarque. Jere has worked on many game titles, the latest being the Super Stardust HD PS3 game. Jere has also followed and participated in the demoscene since the early 90's.


Organization Housemarque
Position Lead Programmer
Email N/A
Scene alias XMunkki


Matt Swoboda

Matt "Smash" Swoboda has been in the scene for nearly 15 years. By day, he works for Sony Computer Entertainment's R&D team on PS3 graphics. By night as a member of Fairlight he's been behind numerous PC demos and intros, and has three first places in Assembly competitions and a couple of awards to his credit over the years. If you see him around, be sure to buy him a beer. (outside of the party hall obviously.)


Organization Fairlight
Position Coder
Email n/a
Scene alias Smash


Gergely Szelei Kis

Active demoscener since 2000, involved in the founding of Ümlaüt Design in 2000 and Conspiracy in 2002. Currently releasing stuff every now and then and main organizing the Function demoparty in Budapest. Recently involved in helping to run


Organization Conspiracy, Ümlaüt Design,

Coder, semi-musician and party organizer

Email N/A
Scene alias Gargaj


Mikko Tuomela

Since being exposed to demoscene 1993, Mikko Tuomela has been quite an active visitor and organiser of demoparties. His main involvement has lately been Alternative Party, but he is known for helping organise MSX Info Update parties and also occassionally writes articles at eDome web magazine.


Organization Alternative Party

Content Coordinator

Homepage n/a
Email ravel AT altparty DOT org
Scene alias Ravel


Timo Vuorensola

Timo Vuorensola is a film director from Tampere, who's interested in both filmmaking and community building. His first film, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005), became soon the most viewed film from Finland because of it's strong Internet presence, and now he's working on two new projects tied closely together: a science fiction comedy Iron Sky, and a collaborative film production platform


Organization Energia Productions Ltd.


Homepage | |
Email timo DOT vuorensola AT starwreck DOT com
Scene alias N/A


Kari Yli-Annala

I´m an artist and a researcher of Finnish experimental moving image. My lecturing and teaching practice is concentrating on the history and theory of avantgarde film, video art and video installation. My blog Kokkeli is a source of artists´ moving image and selected avantgarde-events in Helsinki.


Organization Independent artists co-operative FIXC

Artist, researcher

Homepage Kokkeli
Email kari DOT yliannala AT fixc DOT fi
Scene alias N/A
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