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The ARTtech Summer 2009 seminar program and schedule.

Seminar schedule

The schedule for ASSEMBLY Summer 2009 ARTtech seminars will be published later.

Thursday 6th of August

Date Time Topic Speaker
6.8 16:00 Getting More Out of Your Education via the Demoscene Spirit
Jari Komppa
6.8 17:00

Building a Smarter Planet with Serious Gaming and 3D Virtual Worlds

Jukka Ruponen
6.8 18:00 Developing graphics technology for non-AAA games Aras Pranckevičius
6.8 19:00 Demo Programming for Beginners Martti Nurmikari
6.8 20:00 Anthology of Flash Demo History Jalmari Raippalinna


Friday 7th of August

Date Time Topic Speaker
7.8 10:00 Direct3D 11 - New Avenues of Performance Niko Suni
7.8 11:00 Getting started with iPhone development Mikko Lehtonen
7.8 12:00 iPhone - learning the ways of GPU from the driver code Renaldas Zioma
7.8 13:00 Learning how to teach making games Panel led by Koopee Hiltunen
7.8 14:00 Distributing and Monetizing Windows Mobile Applications through the Windows Marketplace for Mobile Mark D Grady
7.8 15:00 Distribution of mobile content on OVI Store Benjamin Roszczewski, Sami J. Viitanen
7.8 16:00 Developing the technology behind "Love" Eskil Steenberg
7.8 17:00 Rapid Game Design Jonatan Söderström
7.8 18:00 The Creation of Blueberry Garden - the inside story of the winner of IGF 2009
Erik Svedäng
7.8 19:00 The Mystery Seminar Petri Purho
7.8 20:00

Fighting Organized Online Crime

Mikko Hyppönen
7.8 21:15 DJing : how to beatmix, DJing the past, now and future Davy Virant


Saturday 8th of August

Date Time Topic Speaker
8.8 10:00 Creativity and Art Olivier Bechard
8.8 11:00 Symphonic Shades - from a game console to a symphonic orchestra Jonne Valtonen
8.8 12:00 Confessions: Starting your own game company Jussi Laakkonen
8.8 13:00 Integrating publicly distributed rendering with Blender: Case Julius Tuomisto, Nathan Letwory
8.8 14:00

The hot legal & political topics in information society
Paneelikeskustelu tietoyhteiskunnan polttavista aiheista
Note: This session lasts two hours

Panel led by Kai Kimppa
8.8 16:00 Revisiting the Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the 21. Century Maria Candia
8.8 17:00 Emulation as preservation strategy. EC Research Project KEEP discussion with emulation programmers
Note: This session lasts two hours
Vincent Joguin, Roberto Fresca, Andreas Lange

All times are Finnish time (CET+1).

Note: All sessions will be video recorded and made available as video on demand on FTP/WWW servers at The delay from the presentation to the release of the video on demand file is around 12 hours.


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