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The speakers for the ARTtech Summer 2009 seminar sessions.

ASSEMBLY Summer 2009 ARTtech seminar speakers can be found below in alphabetical order by their surname.


Olivier Bechard

1990 - starting creating pixel drawings , learning autodidact
After 1994 - background maker and animation rendering for video games company ( ex:Rayman from Ubisoft; Bofo from Scavenger )
2000 and more - Art director video games ( Cryo; Planet interactiv)
2007 - Freelance artist


Organization Freelance
Position Art director
Email n/a
Scene alias Ra / Nooon


Maria-Edla Candia

Maria Candia loves working on the street, rather than for the Man. She has studied comparative literature, philosophy and gender studies at the University of Turku. Except for writing the scifi novel series Kapteeni Shiva (and other stories coming up this Summer for Flamongo publishing), she makes illustrations, music and animations, plays records as DJ Megatron, and is part of the M2HZ community TV-channel in Helsinki. For Assembly Seminar Maria presents one of her own favorite philosopher's, Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto."


Organization SF Rediscovery / Alternative Party
Position (scifi-)writer, MA
Email mariaandtherobots AT gmail DOT com
Scene alias n/a


Roberto Fresca

Roberto Fresca started as assembly language programmer for 8-bits systems at begining of 80's.

Later, he moved to a hardware engineering orientated career, working as representative engineer for some America & UK gaming companies.

He loves sports, loves to play soccer and paddle. Also loves to sing, playing piano & guitar.

Being a preservation lover, in 1998 joined the MAME Dev Team. Currently he's an active MAME Dev, and is responsible for a lot of emulated games.


Organization MAME; Rotwix Technologies
Position MAME Developer; RT Technical Manager.
Homepage ;
Email robbie AT mame DOT net
Scene alias Robbie / Hrode


Mark D Grady

Mark Grady is the Developer and Business Marketing Lead for Windows Mobile in EMEA. His role is to work with Developers and leading Independent Software Vendors identifying, supporting and executing on marketing opportunities around Windows Marketplace for Mobile that will launch later this year. Before Mark joined Microsoft he worked for Orange UK developing propositions for Orange's SMB customer base. Prior to this Mark worked in a variety of roles for Virgin Home and BT. He has been active in the mobile applications industry for more than five years.


Organization Microsoft
Position Windows Mobile Developer and Business Marketing Lead
Email n/a
Scene alias n/a


Teemu Haila

Teemu Haila has been actively involved in developing the Finnish game education. He just wrapped up his job at Neogames (Centre of Finnish Game Business, Research and Development) and continues to serve as a board member at Score (the Finnish Game Development Club), coordinator at IGDA Finland, Microsoft Student Partner and of course a student of interaction design at TAMK.


Organization Score Game Development Club
Position Assistant Director at Neogames, Co-founder of Score, Interaction Design student at TAMK
Email teemu DOT haila AT igda DOT fi
Scene alias n/a


Koopee Hiltunen

Producer of Neogames 2004-2006, Director of Neogames 2006.


Organization Neogames
Position Director
Email koopee AT neogames DOT fi
Scene alias n/a


Mikko Hyppönen

Mikko Hyppönen works as the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. Mikko Hypponen has worked with several security agencies on classified projects. He also spoke at the legendary Rubicon conference in Detroit before it was shut down. He holds US patent 6,577,920. He does his own stunts.


Organization F-Secure Corporation
Position Chief Research Officer
Email n/a
Scene alias n/a


Vincent Joguin

Vincent Joguin has been active in the demoscene in the mid to late 90's, creating a few lame intros for PC, and organizing the RTS parties in Grenoble, France.

Starting from 1995, his interest in history, preservation and computers led him to get involved in emulation, working at first on an Amiga emulator which was eventually transformed into an Atari ST emulator (FAST, then IKBD part of SainT), and on a PC/Tandy 1000 emulator (Tand-Em). He also created the universal floppy-disk imaging tool Disk2FDI. Recently, he started the KEEP European project together with 8 other partners, that aims at providing solutions based on emulation for digital preservation. The main task of Vincent's company within this project is to continue work on Olonys, a universal virtual machine, which he started co-developing in 2000.


Organization KEEP Project; Joguin SAS
Position Technical and Scientific Coordinator; CEO, founder
Homepage n/a
Email contact AT joguin DOT com
Scene alias ApH


Turo Kilpeläinen

Turo has been developing the most versatile and extensive digital games related curriculum in the Finnish higher education network in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KUAS). Holding a PhD. on economics, Turo's main teaching emphasis in KUAS is focused on game business and production. In addition, Turo takes the main responsibility of managing the production teams on their way to prepare a "publishable" game during their bachelor level studies in Kajaani.


Organization Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
Position Principal lecturer
Email turo DOT kilpelainen AT kajak DOT fi
Scene alias n/a


Kai Kimppa

Master of Social Sciences, Philosophy. Doctor of Philosophy, Information Technology. Fellow in TUCS laboratory LABORIS.


Organization Department of Information Technology at University of Turku.
Position Acting Lecturer in Information Systems, focus on Information Technology and Ethics
Email n/a
Scene alias n/a


Jari Komppa

Jari is a software engineer at heart, originally self-taught by playing with computers far too much while being young, a long "demoscene" career including several prize-winning entries in competitions. Professionally he's been described as someone with experience mile wide and a foot deep. He's also known for all sorts of weird projects like organizing the text mode demo competition for a decade and writing tutorials in various geeky subjects.


Organization Trauma
Position Programmer
Email N/A
Scene alias Sol


Jussi Laakkonen

Jussi Laakkonen is the CEO and founder of Everyplay, a startup in the social gaming space (that is currently actively recruiting talented game developers!). Prior to founding Everyplay, Jussi worked four years as the director of business development at Bugbear Entertainment, a Finnish game development studio known for its FlatOut series. He has been producing and dreaming up video games, cutting deals with game publishers, filling in the dish washer and doing other exciting things =).

Jussi has been active on the demoscene since 1992 when he joined Future Crew. In that fateful year he also helped in a minor role with ASSEMBLY '92 and has since been part of the organizing team behind the event. Currently he is one of the two main organizers.


Organization Everyplay, Assembly Organizing, Future Crew
Position CEO, founder
Homepage n/a
Scene alias Abyss / Future Crew & ASMORG


Andreas Lange

Andreas Lange works in the business of interactive digital entertainment culture as a curator, author, consultant and an expert among others for the German age rating system USK. Since 1996 he is the director of the Computer Game Museum in Berlin, which opens early 1997 the worlds first permanent exhibition dedicated solely to interactive digital entertainment culture. Lange is member of the Academy of the German Games Developer Award and of the jury of the German Games Award Lara. He lectures amongst other at the Games Academy in Berlin and the University of Potsdam. He is the Computer Game Museums project manager of the EU-Research Project KEEP.


Organization Computer Games Museum
Position Director
Email n/a
Scene alias n/a


Petri Lankoski

Petri Lankoski is a researcher and a game designer currently working at University of Art and Design Helsinki. He is about to finish his doctoral research on character-driven game design and has been teaching at University of Tampere and University of Art and Design Helsinki about games and design. His latest games is Lies and Seductions available at


Organization University of Art and Design Helsinki
Position Research Assistant
Email n/a
Scene alias n/a


Mikko Lehtonen

Interested in all things cool, ended up coding demos and games.Worked four years at Mr. Goodliving developing mobile games, then went to Secret Exit in 2008 to do something completely different, which turned out to be mostly iPhone games.


Organization Secret Exit
Position Evil Scientist
Email scoopr AT iki DOT fi
Scene alias Scoopr


Nathan Letwory

Nathan Letwory has been an active Blender developer since 2003, with a wide range of topics, including the Blender Game Engine, Verse support, pyNodes and the build system based on SCons (cross-platform building on all supported platforms). He is also the Windows platform maintainer for Blender and responsible for the official releases on Windows.


Organization Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Position Core Developer at Blender, Developer at ORE, maintainer of and
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Tony Manninen

Dr. Tony Manninen is the CEO at LudoCraft Ltd. He is an experienced computer games designer, researcher and consultant. His areas of expertise include design, analysis and production of collaborative multiplayer games and their diverse applications. Tony leads LudoCraft in its pursuit of applying and commercialising games and game-like solutions.


Organization Ludocraft
Position CEO
Email tony DOT manninen AT ludocraft DOT com
Scene alias N/A


Martti Nurmikari

Having followed the demoscene since the mid-nineties, Martti wrote his first demo for Assembly 1999. Since then he has contributed to over fifty different demoscene releases under many group labels, ranging from demos and small intros to writing articles for magazines, as well as organizing parties. He's studying computer science and currently working as a game programmer at Digital Chocolate's Sumea studio.


Organization Traction
Position Demo coder
Homepage N/A
Email syksyisin AT gmail DOT com
Scene alias Preacher


Veli-Pekka Piirainen

Veli-Pekka has been developing the most versatile and extensive digital games related curriculum in the Finnish higher education network in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KUAS). Holding a M.Sc. on engineering, Veli-Pekka's main teaching emphasis in KUAS is focused on game programming. In addition, Veli-Pekka takes the main responsibility of coordinating the Kajak3D Game Engine development team.


Organization Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
Position Lecturer of Game Programming
Email veli-pekka DOT piirainen AT kajak DOT fi
Scene alias  


Toni Pippola

Toni has been a lecturer of computer science in TAMK University of Applied Sciences, Tampere since 1999. He is teaching web and game development, 3D modelling/animation and photo retouching. Mr. Pippola is addicted to games and game development. He has also over 10 years experience on 3D modelling and animation, focused on VR/realtime graphics. He also enjoys working as a project manager in research projects.


Organization TAMK University of Applied Sciences
Position Lecturer of Computer Science
Homepage N/A
Email N/A
Scene alias  


Aras Pranckevičius

Aras cooks rendering related things at Unity Technologies. That's a fancy way of saying "lead graphics programmer", apparently. He also made some demos with nesnausk! group, was DirectX MVP and published articles in ShaderX book series.


Organization Unity Technologies
Position Lead Graphics Programmer
Email aras AT unity3d DOT com
Scene alias NeARAZ ^ nesnausk!


Petri Purho

Petri Purho is the CEO of Kloonigames. He also cleans the toilets in the office. Or the toilet... in his apartment (because he's the only employee of Kloonigames and he works from his home). He's also done a bunch of 7 day game prototypes (most famous of them being Crayon Physics that won the Independent Games Festival Grand Prize in year 2008). He has previously worked as a programmer at Frozenbyte. Petri released Crayon Physics Deluxe in January 2009 and has continued to puzzle the world with artistic games like the 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness.

Photo CC-licensed by Sklathill


Organization Kloonigames
Position Game developer
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Jalmari Raippalinna

Geek from cradle, Jalmari "Jalava" Raippalinna has been programming since age of 8, starting from very limited environment of handheld Casio PB-100 with just single line of display and 512 tokens for BASIC memory porting code happily from the ZX Spectrum games in magazines with no knowledge of English language other than dictionary book. Perhaps that is just the reason why he is still loves working with limited platforms with lots of quirks such as Flash and Actionscript, enjoying every nuance of performance and new feature Adobe gives us year after year. Jalmari and his demogroup Evoflash has been concentrating on flash demos for last 3 years, dominating the Flashscene brutally.


Organization Everyplay, Evoflash
Position CTO, coder
Email N/A
Scene alias Jalava / Evoflash


Benjamin Roszczewski

Benjamin has a pretty comprehensive experience in telecom and software business. He is currently employed by Nokia in Espoo, Finland. Before joining Nokia he worked for TeliaSonera and represented the company on FreeMove alliance. He holds an MBA from Helsinki School of Economics and a B. Sc. from Jyväskylä Institute of Technology.


Organization Forum Nokia EMEA
Position Business Development Manager
Email benjamin DOT roszczewski AT nokia DOT com
Scene alias n/a


Jukka Ruponen

Jukka started programming in early 80's with PET, VIC20 and C64 while studied electronics. At late 80's he was developing applications for businesses and in early 90's moved to design and deliver complete IT systems and networks. In 1997 Jukka joined Lotus Development Corp, which was merged to IBM in 2000. Jukka has had many roles and responsibilities at Lotus and IBM, and for the last 7 years he has worked as an IT Architect in IBM Software Group. His expertise areas today include designing enterprise portals and next generation collaboration and social networking business solutions. Jukka is also participating in number of projects dealing with Serious Games and 3D Virtual Worlds.


Organization IBM
Position IT Architect
Email jukka DOT ruponen AT fi DOT ibm DOT com
Scene alias N/A


Eskil Steenberg

Eskil Steenberg is the indie developer behind the game "Love" (Kotaku article). Eskil has previously developed the network protocol "Verse", the Modeling application "Loq Airou", the asset manager "CoOn" and various other tools. Eskil has held positions at various companies and research institutes in Sweden and abroad and has been a member of the OpenGL architectural Review Board.


Organization Quel Solaar
Position Developer
Email eskil AT obession DOT se
Scene alias N/A


Niko Suni

At 30, Niko has been in the computer industry for most of his life. Starting DirectX development at version 6, he has been very involved in game and simulation development since. He was a DirectX MVP from 2006 to 2008, after which he helped the Direct3D team to make Direct3D 11 the best platform for high performance 3D (and 2D) graphics.


Organization Itagent
Position Consultant, software development
Email 1stcontact AT itagent DOT fi
Scene alias N/A


Erik Svedäng

Erik Svedäng is a 22 year old artist and game designer from Sweden. He spent his childhood playing in the woods, building treehouses. Currently he's trying to find out how to tell stories through computer games in a truly unique and fantastic way. His first attempt to achieve that was Blueberry Garden, winner of the Independent Games Festival Grand Prize this year.


Organization N/A
Position Artist & teacher
Email erik DOT svedang AT gmail DOT com
Scene alias N/A


Jonatan Söderström

Cactus - Jonatan Söderström - is a Swedish game developer, based in Gothenburg. He specializes in developing games of an experimental nature. Whether it be through bizarre plots, new game mechanics or strange graphics, you're always bound to find something out of the ordinary in his games. He is well known for having a continuous output of games and has developed over forty games to date. He has reached wide acclaim through his works, which are often featured on websites, blogs, as well as game and art festivals all over the world.


Organization Lo-Fi Minds / cactus
Position Game creator
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Julius Tuomisto

Julius Tuomisto has been working as a researcher/project coordinator at Laurea University of Applied Sciences since 2006. His main research interests lie in volunteer computing and social media. He is currently the project manager for the Tekes supported ORE (Open Rendering Environment) project, which is both promoting the use of Blender in Finnish small companies and creating the publicly distributed rendering service


Organization Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Position Project manager at ORE (Open Rendering Environment), maintainer of
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Jonne Valtonen

Jonne Valtonen has been composing, orchestrating and arranging game music for over a decade along with theater and "serious" concert music. For the last 6 years Jonne has focused working with symphonic orchestras and has been composing, orchestrating and arranging music for the companies like Sega Japan, Namco, Square Enix.

At the beginning of 2008, Jonne Valtonen took the position of the music lead for all live orchestra projects at Merregnon Studios, a company involved in live orchestral (PLAY!, Distant Worlds, Symphonic Game Music Concerts, etc) and productions and several live recordings for publishers/developers.

Jonne is well known in the demoscene for his music in the Future Crew demos in the 1990s.


Organization Valtone
Position Composer, owner/CEO
Email jonne AT valtone DOT com
Scene alias Purple Motion / Future Crew


Sami J. Viitanen

Sami is now working at the Forum Nokia Technical Services and Consultancy focusing to provide the Forum Nokia Developer Outreach experiences ­ e.g. workshops related to newest technical topics. Previously Sami has worked e.g. in Consultancy team of Digia, providing technical training and consulting for the Symbian OS projects worldwide. He's working history includes working as an entrepreneur and partner as well as in globally operating mobile companies from the areas of software design and testing to a project and product management as well as an expert positions.


Organization Forum Nokia
Position Senior Technical Consultant
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Davy Virant

In 2000, dj daemon decided to participate to a dj contest called “djmania”, an initiative of the belgian province “Limburg” and “Four in trance”. Out of more than 69 contestants, 16 half finalists and 8 finalists he came out as winner with a mix of hard techno with electro influences. Dj Daemon was called one of the most promising djs from Limburg.

From then it evolved fast, he played at bigger venues like Rock herk (2x), Enterrock, City Parade, Spontaniously Combustible, Konektionz, Happy, Silo, MOD and he can add clubs like Fuse, TheZoo, Katsu, Bunker, Zazou and more to his list .

Due to his broad taste in music it was easy to fit in very different theme-nights and gave him the chance to play with artists like Funk d’Void, Phil Kieran, FC Kahuna, Big Hair, Darren Roach, Jack de Marseille, St-Dic, Smos & Baby B, Koenie (Mayaku), Les Craven, Level J and at harder nights with Ben Long & Jamie Bismire, Luke Slater, Darren Price, Michel de Hey, Paula Temple, Ladida, dj Funk, Redhead, Stanny Franssen, Tomaz, Psychogene, Xentrix,.....

Because of his high technical skills he was asked to give dj lessons in the dj lab of Muziek-O-Droom in Hasselt. For about 7 years now dj Daemon gives these lessons, teaching starting djs the tricks and techniques of djing, midi-controllerism,...

Nowadays he plays in Holland and Belgium and is spending a lot of time on production.

The last year he also launched a the CoCoA-Concept @ the zoo ...For more info check also


Organization Muziekodroom Belgium & Music Academy Maastricht Netherlands
Position DJ ("DJ Daemon"), DJ Instructor
Email N/A
Scene alias N/A


Renaldas Zioma

Renaldas is an iPhone Tech Lead at Unity Technologies and has a keen interest in games, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

While working at EA Digital Illusions CE on "you-have-not-seen-before" destruction tech for Frostbite engine, he got introduced to glory of Amiga1200 for the first time. See, the Frostbite was for XBox360/PS3, but the demos were for Amiga :) Being fascinated by the platform, Renaldas went on to work with wizards of TBL on Requiem and Starstruck demos. Starstruck won Assembly'06 and became a hit. Next was Suicide Barbie for PlayStation Portable.

After having a dream of utter world domination by the next wave of hand-held devices he joined Unity Technologies to make best tools for future devices. Renaldas has published articles in ShaderX, AI Game Programming Gems and GPU Gems books, co-organized couple of GameJams and IGDA conferences in Lithuania.


Organization Unity Technologies
Position iPhone Tech Lead
Email rej AT unity3d DOT com
Scene alias ReJ / Nesnausk! ^ TBL
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