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Demo compos

Entries in the demo competitions must adhere to the Desktop platform rules except for the Real Wild and Oldskool demo competition.

General demo competition rules

  • Entry must in an executable form. Pure animation files are not allowed in realtime competitions. Also executables only including an animation and an animation player will not be accepted. In Real Wild Demo competition, the entry must be proven to be really executable, although the delivery will be a video file of the entry.
  • The production must work from read-only media and must not modify system settings (for example: Windows registry). However, you may use the platform's standard temporary directory during the execution of your entry for storing data if such service is available.
  • The user has to be able to exit at any time by pressing a key. On PC this key must be ESC.
  • The demo must show in similar manner every time executed - i.e. the random seeds must be initialized from constants
  • A screenshot image must be submitted with the entry to the competition management system. Width: 160px, height: 90px. Format: PNG-8


4k intro competition

  • Maximum size in executable form is 4096 bytes.
  • Intro may not last longer than 3 minutes.
  • The production must be a single file. Additional info files are fine but they will be deleted prior running the intro.
  • Although not forbidden, we recommend not using import by ordinal for DLLs with non-fixed ordinals to ensure better compatibility.


64k intro competition

  • Maximum size in executable form is 64 kB (65536 bytes)
  • Intro may not last longer than 5 minutes


Demo competition

  • Maximum size in compressed form is 128MB (please submit as a ZIP archive).
  • Demo may not last longer than 8 minutes.

The winner of the demo competition will participate automatically to Live 2011 Grand Prix competition. More information from the Grand Prix page.


Real Wild demo competition

  • Platform can be anything that can run realtime graphics!
  • This combines the old Mobile Demo platforms and browser run-times with lots of other alternative demo platforms to this competition. You can have here any hardware (including ipods, oscilloscopes, lcd displays, basically anything that can produce realtime moving images) or software platforms/interpreters/emulators running on modern hardware.
  • If your demo can be run on both real hardware and on an emulator on PC, of course it is preferred to run it in a real hardware. For avoidance of doubt, all realtime rendered graphics demos that don't fit in the demo competition or the oldskool demo competition will fit here in terms of the platform.
  • The demo must be delivered in both executable (if possible) and a video file - see the Short Film file rules about allowed formats. If you don't have the necessary hardware to record the video on your own, the contact the organizers to set up a recording session. Do this one week before prior to the party. We will be glad to help!
  • If you bring your entry to be recorded ath the party place and the device/platform doesn't have an external audio output, the soundtrack of the entry must be delivered separately.
  • Maximum size of the real wild demo in executable form on the hardware is 64MB zipped. This does not count the libraries, etc. platform files.
  • Demo may not last longer than 5 minutes.
  • The device/platform etc. (or the components if it is a self-made or modded device) have to be publicly available (or have been available in the past) for anyone to purchase
  • You must provide specific instructions to build, configure, install, and run the entry to the platform. If the platform/device is your own specific hack, the instructions to do such a hardware hack must be included.
  • To prove your really runs on the platform, you must bring the hardware to the party place and show your demo to the organizers / the jury

Oldskool demo competition

  • Only entries running Oldskool platforms allowed. Be sure to check all the rules there!
  • Maximum size is 4 MB.
  • Maximum showing time is 5 minutes; the demo itself can be longer.
  • Coding your demos in such a manner that it doesn't require interaction is highly recommended.
  • Supply a version of the entry for emulator use for Internet distribution. However, this version won't suffice for running the entry on the screen.