ASSEMBLY is over.


ASSEMBLY Summer 2010 is full of cool program that is still in the making. So bear with us for few moments! But we can promise we will have concerts and seminars, competitions and robot wars!

If you don't have anything to do, why don't you chat on IRC to see if there's anything cool happening, or check out the forums. If you are organizing your own game matches, dance competitions and what not, let people know by posting to our forums!



Check out the ASSEMBLY Summer concerts and special events:

Information of the artists and times is not yet available.


ASSEMBLY is full of cool program. Some of which you get to watch, and some you can participate in!

Jimm's PC-Clinic

Got problems with your computer? You have no idea how to fix it? No worries. Jimm's PC-store has a PC-clinic open to the party visitors. You can bring your computer to the clinic and it can be fixed with no cost in addition to possible replaced parts.

Jimm's PC-clinic is located next to Jimm's sponsor stand in the first floor (close to Pizza Hut).