ASSEMBLY is over.

ASUS ROG Tournament

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In 2011 February ASSEMBLY Winter StarCraft II -tournament was hands down the best tournament played in Europe at the time. This success have now given us the possibility to organize an even better tournament with tripled prize pool!

This August ASUS ROG StarCraft II Tournament will gather the best players around the world to compete for an awesome prize pool of 15 000 euros. In addition for those who can’t make it to ASSEMBLY, the two very well-known shoutcasters TotalBiscuit and Apollo will make sure that everyone will get piece of the great atmosphere sent directly to their homes.

ROG - Republic of Gamers is a gaming sub brand of ASUS that is comprised of cutting edge hardware tailored for serious gamers. The product groups includes; Motherboards, Graphics Cards, LCD Monitors, Gaming Peripherals, Desktops and Notebooks. The ASUS ROG Tournament will be solely powered by ROG hardware.

Thanks to ASUS we’ll see an ultimate StarCraft II tournament in the ASSEMBLY Summer


Details about the tournament:
Date: 4th - 5th August 2011
Place: Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland
Game: StarCraft II®: Wings of Liberty™ by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Player limit: 32
Tournament type: NON BYOC, Groups + Single-elimination Tournament Fee: 50 Euros (~70 USD - Includes the entry fee.) Prize Pool: 15 000 Euros (~20 000 USD)
Coverage: ASUS ROG Starcraft II tournament at ASSEMBLY Summer 2011 will be brought to you by
TotalBiscuit and Apollo! There will be also foreign language coverage such as SETT TV in Finnish.


1. 8000 €
2. 4000 €
3. 2000 €
4. 1000 €

The tournament is invite only and you must request an invite by sending an email to including the following information:
* Full name / nick / nationality / team / race:
* Previous success
* Why should you be chosen?

The deadline of the applications is 13th July 2011.

First invited players are:
* Liquid`ret
* Liquid`Haypro
* Liquid`HuK
* VirusNaama
* VirusElfi
* FL|Satiini
* eXelon-Welmu
* Grubby
* Empire.Kas
* Empire.Happy
* imba.FXOpen.Strelok
* imba.FXOpen.LoWeLy
* mouzMorrow
* mouzMaNa

Legal information
“StarCraft®: Wings of Liberty™ is the copyrighted product of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. © 2010 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.”

Tournament license: Pending

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