ASSEMBLY is over.


ASSEMBLY Summer is so much more than demoscene, gaming all night and sleeping all day. We've also got things to get you out of your chair and even out into the sunshine! Here are things you can do at the party place:


The main stage explodes concerts filled with great music and amazing visuals when bands and artists of different disciplines take the audience. Stay tuned for detailed information on who and when!

Megascreen by Rovio

Let's link up all the computers at ASSEMBLY to make one huge MEGASCREEN!

Sports competitions

A little fresh air, physical activity and a healthy amount of competitive fun goes a long way in making your ASSEMBLY experience as good as it can be. Try our individual and team competitions!


Ingenious robots waging war against one another - what is there not to love? See technological marvels clash in competitive carnage of Robosota!


Take part in the BatMud sponsored cosplay competition! Show off your skills in costume making or make-up, or just enjoy what others have created. Come and show off your beautiful outfits!

Who has got the coolest case, place or the fastest PC?

Showing your modding skills at ASM! Do you have the cooolest PC case or the flashiest computer place at ASM? Who PC is the fastest?