ASSEMBLY is over.


Viewing the broadcast

The broadcast is available on the front page as flash video. You can also watch the broadcast on the DNA cable network in the Helsinki region in SD on the stadi. TV channel slot 71.

If you would like to view the broadcast using a mobile device or use VLC media player links are provided below. There are separate links for players supporting RTSP/3GPP streams and Apple devices. Remember to use the correct links.

If you are at the partyplace or on the Funet network, you can view the broadcast as multicast. Links for these are provided close to the bottom of this page.


These RTSP links can be used in VLC media player or with mobile devices supporting 3GPP/RTSP streams. These include many Nokia phones.


ARTtech seminars

Please check the seminar schedule to see when seminars are broadcasted. The times are in Finnish time (UTC +3, EET DST).


These links can be used on Apple devices and in Quicktime Player.