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BATMUD Cosplay Competition


BatMUD Cosplay competition - the sensation returns!

Balanced Alternative Techniques RY, the legal body responsible for administration of BatMUD, the medieval themed fantasy role-playing game opened in 1990, is organizing a cosplay competition during the event. So it is time to unleash your inner self and participate to the costume play competition at Assembly!

The prizes will be good so we are expecting to see many, many, beautiful participants with original costumes.


A cosplay ("costume play") competition will be organized during Assembly 2012, on FRIDAY 3rd August. The competition will start on 3rd August, 10:00. The finals will be held on the same day on the Assembly main stage.


Anyone who feels like participating is entitled to do so. Please check the rules below, however.


Participants MUST sign up at the latest on FRIDAY 3rd AUGUST, 09:30 by either personally signing up at the infodesk, or by email to The participant must include atleast their real name, contact information and the character (s)he is playing. It's possible to register via email any time before the Assembly 2012 event starts.


1st prize: 1000eur
2nd prize: 700eur
3rd prize: 400eur
4th prize: 300eur
5th prize: 200eur

All prizes are paid by BatMUD / B.A.T ry


  • The competition is a single person costume competition which may contain an act ("a skit"). It's possible to participate without a skit, but in this case the score for that particular area of grading will be 0.
  • It's strongly encouraged to send reference pictures to the jury ( in advance. This is not mandatory, but is in your best interests. - The maximum length of the skit is 2 minutes. If sound effects or music is required for the skit, the participant is requested to report this when signing up, and to provide the required material on a CD, USB-stick or some other commonly used media.
  • During the first round of the competition, the costume (70%) and the skit (30%) are evaluated.
  • Five (5) of the best costumes will go on to the finals, where the costume and skit are evaluated as a whole. Additionally, the audience reaction (10%) is taken into account.
  • It's not restricted how much of the costume is self-made; however, the judges will appreciate original and self-made costumes
  • There is no requirement for uniqueness for the costumes (in other words, also costumes already used in some other competition may be used). The only exception is that you may not use a costume that you have used in previous BatMUD cosplay competitions.
  • Allowed themes for the costumes are animation, cartoons, movies, TV-series and videogames regardless of the country of origin. Additionally it's possible to participate with a role playing character costume.
  • The participant must observe the deadlines for signing up, and showing up in time for the competitions, or risk disqualification
  • The organizers reserve the right to cancel the competition in case there are not enough participants. Should this happen, the signed up participants will be notified at the latest on August 3rd, 09:45.
  • In case there are more participants than anticipated, the first round of competition may be held using a split juries to speed the competition up
  • In case the participant clearly is not seriously entering the competition, the jury reserves the right to disqualify participants without the right to the photo shoot
  • Please note that the jury WILL ask questions about the costume, why it was chosen, how it was made etc etc. So please be prepared.
  • Bringing your edged weapons (swords, clubs, rods) to the cosplay contest is allowed. When entering Assembly, you will have to leave your weapons to the security personnel and you can pick them up from the Infodesk when the competition starts. After the competition you must return your weapons back to the Infodesk. Please remember also to pick up weapons after the event, as Assembly does NOT mail any forgotten items back to their owners. Also be prepared to show your photo ID as you are collecting your items from the Infodesk.


03.08. Evening FINALS (@MAIN STAGE)


Mari-Pilvi Junikka and Senja Kuure from Belle Modeste and Kyuu Eturautti and Iris Rönkkö from CFT form the core of the jury. Additionally the jury will chaired by one representative of Balanced Alternative Techniques ry.


During the first round of competition all participants will be photographed. The copyrights to the photographs are owned by Balanced Alternative Techniques ry; however, all participants are entitled to get a digital copy of their own respective photographs upon request (even if the photo is not otherwise published).