ASSEMBLY is over.

Party manual

The party manual is the reference guide for everything you need to know about attending Assembly Summer.

Frequently asked questions

What about sleeping? Where can I park? How are tickets sold? Answers to these and many more questions are in our FAQ.

First timers and parents

Are you joining us for your first ASSEMBLY? Awesome! We are thrilled that you are coming. Please read the first time visitors guide to learn more.

If you are a parent and your child is attending ASSEMBLY, we've prepared information for you.

Traveling to party place and getting your gear in

Please read our comprehensive guide on how to travel to ASSEMBLY, how to get in, how to bring your equipment in and where to park and your journey will be a lot smoother.

Essentials about the party place

Make your four days at ASSEMBLY easy by reading up on sleeping areas, food and drink, and more. Check out the maps to find your way.

Party network

Plug into the party network along with 3000 other computers. Read our guide and you'll be connected in no time.


While at ASSEMBLY you'll need to follow the rules of the party so that everybody will have fun at the party.


Check out our two page leaflet for the party for a condensed info package. Printed versions are available at the party.