ASSEMBLY is over.

Assembly Summer 2012 final results

Competition results are in and prizes have been given out. Watch the media from Assembly Archive and download the original entries from Assembly Summer 2012 directory. Also some very nice photos are available from Assembly Photo Galleries. Here are the final results from competitions:

Gamedev competition

  1. 1797p Lavalanche by Bombsquad
  2. 1354p Force: Leashed by Kepuli Games
  3. 849p Corneroids by Mikko Pulkki
  4. 840p Flou by Odios
  5. 837p Pyxenos by Bluefox Games
  6. 660p K2 by tAAt 2012
  7. 618p Pogostick Panda by Grit Studio
  8. 481p SEKO by Pizzalaatikko
  9. 478p MÄYRÄ by McBurrobit
  10. 398p Golem Rumble! by Delicious Construct
  11. 395p Bodgy Bee by Down Under
  12. 288p Buccaneer Bombardment by Nice To Have Feature
  13. 284p Steamdroid by Centria ammattikorkeakoulu
  14. 210p Soul Devour by Kajak Games
  15. 194p Gravite by Matti Ruupunen
  16. 138p Goldwingu by KimmoS

Listening Music competition

  1. 817p To Pirate in Good Spirits by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto
  2. 662p New York City Ninja Cowboys by ruuvari/aspekt
  3. 474p Alloy Lantern Stage by Duality Vile
  4. 391p Take me to Hell by T-101 / Darklite
  5. 315p The Knights Who Complete Quests Incredibly Quickly by GRiMM
  6. 257p Final Level by Skeletronic
  7. 240p Exhiliration by Rajunen
  8. 235p That's (cons)piracy by notsie/npli
  9. 227p Turn off the Guages by Roz/Fit^RNO^wAMMA
  10. 185p Strangers With My face by Buzzer of Brainstorm^Nectarine
  11. 108p the evolution by microdots
  12. 104p Just Words by Hu Creix/Sirona
  13. 102p Kiss of Judas by Response / Darklite

Fast music competition

  1. 594p Ysäri never dies by Rajunen
  2. 567p The Dragons Arrive to Rock ! by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto
  3. 519p Hungry Birds by 1nsane
  4. 369p Aoe - Mattu pese tuulilasi by red-
  5. 366p confusion by microdots
  6. 352p Daedalus by the_grim
  7. 346p Decade After by Aikapallo
  8. 315p Coma by Valdor
  9. 297p Miekkasepon Hymni by Galaksinvartija of The Alberts
  10. 255p Heroes of Never by Skeletronic
  11. 226p Funny Guy! by FLD/r00t3d
  12. 223p I was deaf to my music by Nuusika
  13. 217p James Blonde by rayjan / Pyrotech
  14. 198p Left Hand Reggae by Little Bitchard
  15. 172p Coconut Dreams by Yzi/Fit
  16. 170p Techdroid by Leo Wilhelm Lindroos
  17. 162p Perunan tavallinen taival by Penkkirivimies
  18. 90p Fast Funkzorz by Gwaur & HuGoroN
  19. 82p Morning Comes by Eclipser

Dance music competition

  1. 1056p Grandpa's Humppa Riot by King Thrill / Tekotuotanto
  2. 710p I'm Not Saying It Was Aliens But Dude, It Was Aliens by Maulwurf ft. Amumi
  3. 633p Shake it with NES by Zimbaland
  4. 562p Equilibrium by DJ Rx
  5. 452p Electrified by DJ Joge / Brainstorm
  6. 419p L'historie De La Vie by Dj Tabasco
  7. 413p Lovestream by Alek Szahala
  8. 394p Free by 1nsane
  9. 319p by by by Byproduct
  10. 252p Syyhyävä tanssijalka by Roz/Fit^RNO^wAMMA
  11. 195p Autumn by Insu / Damones
  12. 182p Space Age by signal
  13. 117p haveanicewdance by emme

1k Intro competition

  1. 3945p Embers by TDA
  2. 3204p Traceless by TBC
  3. 1508p Braids by Luminesce
  4. 1225p City by helicopter by Digimind
  5. 687p a kilo of missing earplugs by npli
  6. 677p Kilo makkaraa by npli
  7. 549p <3 ASM by Shadikka
  8. 229p o by Itchi / Lonely Coders
  9. 203p Synxiety Attack - Tahdistuskohtaus by tArzAn / tAAt
  10. 185p Daylight by Dzarg
  11. 178p Copperophilia by Spaceballs
  12. 158p Sun Of Bac by XZM
  13. 148p harsh by fsqrt + ye olde laptops posse
  14. 119p Strange Aeons by Ajna
  15. 106p murimecco by cce and msqrt of Peisik
  16. 104p splashin in the hills by adapt
  17. 78p A View to a Grid by Yzi/Fit
  18. 62p K-Dur by Cenon
  19. 21p planB by yolp

4k Intro competition

  1. 3573p Fireflies by Blobtrox
  2. 3248p Reionization by mfx
  3. 1217p xperiment in a box by adapt
  4. 928p Finite Horizon Regret by Fulcrum
  5. 919p Confusphere by XZM
  6. 896p Battery Low by lucid
  7. 529p Black Patch by oo
  8. 444p Alien Station by Digimind & Silent
  9. 181p Hypatia by Peisik & Tarhatarha
  10. 94p ES-pärinä on matka by Saint Porn

Demo competition

  1. 2682p spacecut by cncd
  2. 2333p Escape by Pyrotech
  3. 1868p Hedron by Division
  4. 1337p Old is not Dead by Byterapers + Doomsday
  5. 1196p Metamorf II by Zden, Raiden, Ubik, Pavuk, Sustrate
  6. 1153p Reboxer by Elude
  7. 1128p Kauai-i by Rustbloom
  8. 597p born stars by adapt
  9. 325p tAAt 20v juhlasikermä - 20 yr jubilee potpourri by tAAt 2012
  10. 315p Meteoroid by Hymy & Awind
  11. 295p Booger by Department of Offense
  12. 271p rushing into by cce and msqrt of Peisik

Oldskool competition

  1. 3066p Conservative Megademo by PWP
  2. 2306p Vold by Spaceballs
  3. 2158p Protein by RNO
  4. 1371p RECHARGER by Upstars

Real Wild competition

  1. 3315p Introducing the iLisa by Art: lroop, mdille3, scgruber, uG/bG Staff; Code: awesie, kbare, mdille3, mkasick, tylerni7; Hardware: kbare, lroop, mdille3; Music: coda, kbare, Rick Astley
  2. 2217p Rabbit Deployment Force by npli
  3. 2069p RRHOID by Kewlers
  4. 1997p Prime Number Minister by Hedelmae
  5. 904p Night Falls by Wide Load and Ananasmurska
  6. 873p dekaHertz by Resonance
  7. 565p Stalker by Bilotrip
  8. 365p Bandits by The Royal Elite Ninjas Inc.

Short film competition

  1. 3114p I accidentally two Holy Grails - part II by Damn Creepers
  2. 2760p The Animout by Pistoke
  3. 2298p Mars Effect by Team Mars Effect
  4. 1423p HBC-00011: Blot by HBC
  5. 1090p Project Scene by Datafox Studios
  6. 606p Hidas ja kiva paska by sba
  7. 443p D-Bot by SkyWay/Cylenth Vision
  8. 226p Asteroid Chase by BeastrickAnimations

Graphics competition

  1. 1448p Its probably going to rain by Darkki
  2. 675p Mocking Jay by offwhite
  3. 577p Stuck in Life by Nina Ikävalko
  4. 566p Rabbit Deployment Force by MacGywer / npli
  5. 491p A Dancer To Tip To by Mazor / Fairlight
  6. 489p Time for your own thoughts by maxon / HBC
  7. 362p Arrival by E-V-M
  8. 312p Dragon Outbreak by Surround / Tekotuotanto
  9. 223p Nuclear Smoking by Ivan Zlobov
  10. 164p Six against one is unfair by Maraia
  11. 154p A Wild Bunch by Partikle
  12. 112p Robox says hi by Valtteri/HBC
  13. 67p Light on by Penkkirivimies
  14. 66p It's all in your head by Hbt
  15. 16p Lord Ember's Spiced Wine by Ixtor
  16. 5p Sir Huomisaamu by I.A.Jääskeläinen / Finity Games

Fast graphics competition

  1. 1374p Paint me like your french girls by Surround / Tekotuotanto
  2. 1136p Mechanical Surgery by John Peeba
  3. 1055p WTF-moment by Hoaxi / Pyrotech
  4. 577p Solar Magna by Dekus
  5. 537p Modern day princess by Love you all <3!
  6. 519p A moose in the sunset by offwhite
  7. 515p Kittycat by Nappu
  8. 419p Faces by Minelo
  9. 397p Too much thinking by the_grim
  10. 396p I am in the Details by Random/Gfxile
  11. 353p Fancy Armor by Veli Nyström (Vablo)
  12. 346p Permanent Delivery Delay by Irah
  13. 300p Extreme interpolation by MacGywer / npli
  14. 297p Splat by maxon / HBC
  15. 276p Suction by sssampo/Pistoke
  16. 275p Eye for Detail by Mig26
  17. 225p Exhausted by Noke
  18. 213p Scene Phone by Felor/HBC
  19. 174p Henry Härkönen by Henry
  20. 137p I am not on drugs by Ixtor
  21. 135p Colossal detail by Valtteri/HBC
  22. 119p Realism isn't always superior by hardhill / Laserboy + Hot Multimedia

Gaming tournaments

Results from gaming tournaments are available from's Assembly Summer 2012 tournament page.

BatMUD cosplay competition

  1. Anna Minkkinen, Dragonborn, wood elf from Skyrim
  2. Aki Rauhala, Male scout from Grenado Espada
  3. Maria Ilona Parviainen, Poison Ivy from Batman & Robin
  4. Milla Tuominen, Player character from Dark Souls
  5. Jenni Suominen, Alexstrasza the Life Binder from World of Warcraft
  6. Laura Lipponen, Max Moxxi from Borderlands