ASSEMBLY is over.


Tickets to ASSEMBLY events are sold in advance through our online ticket sales system and 24h/day during the party at the party place. Two kinds of tickets are available to ASSEMBLY Summer 2012:

  • Computer ticket 69-79 euros. If you are bringing a computer and you want to reserve a computer place  for yourself for the whole event. This option is more popular with the gamers and those who take part in competitions.
  • Entry ticket 39 euros. If you are not bringing a computer and you don't need a reserved place (you can of course bring a laptop)
  • NB: Tickets bought at the party place during the party cost one euro extra (70, 80 or 40 euros).

Ticket sales to ASSEMBLY Summer 2012 begin as follows

All tickets bought in advance are delivered as e-tickets. You print the e-ticket yourself, take it with you to the party place and convert it into a ticket bracelet that is valid for the whole event.

Online ticket sales

We recommend that you buy your tickets in advance to avoid unnecessary queuing at the party place. Buying in advance is also the only way to guarantee getting a computer place as they are likely to be sold out.

How to buy tickets

Buying tickets is quite easy: register first, purchase your desired tickets, and print your e-tickets.