ASSEMBLY is over.

Large groups

Computer and entry tickets are sold prior to the public ticket sales to groups that buy at least 15 computer tickets in advance at one time.

If you bought tickets last year

If you bought tickets already last year, you have an user account in our system. You will receive a reminder email in this case. Check your delivery address and update it if necessary. You need to then Re-enter into Lottery using the link supplied in the email. You need to re-enter into lottery between latest on 1st of June in order to be eligible for Large group pre-sales.

If you are a new customer

Welcome! Please register in the ticket sales registration page.

Ticket purchase and payment

We will pick all groups with more than 15 tickets from all of the registrations. These groups will then order their computer tickets before other ticket buyers. The sales start at the same time as the main ticket sales, and large groups will be selected to buy tickets starting with the largest groups first. You will get the password and the URL by email. You need to be by your email for a couple of hours from the time the sales start to make sure you get to buy your ticket as fast as possible.

After purchasing, pay for tickets normally. You can pick up your tickets at the door using the e-ticket codes.