4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki

Game development

The game development competition is intended to encourage the demo creators and everybody else to design interactive entertainment. It is not about creating the next Half-Life, Starcraft, or World of Warcraft, but creating something smaller and yet much more creative - as a result the games are usually fun and often wacky.

As a visitor you will be able to download and play the games to make up your mind before  for them. If you can not run the game yourself there will be recorded videos of the game in action.

The deadline for all the Gamedev compo entries is on 29th July, 2016 at 18:00 Finnish time (EEST or UTC+3). We will publish all the entries on 1st of August.


Bellum by KoomaDot

Bellum is puzzle game set in the medieval period. In the game you make combinations of blocks to send troops against the enemy.

Download-link (Android)

NeonWave Riders by Team NeonWave

The ultimate hoverboarding game is here!

Race the clock and beat the track in the ultimate hoverboarding experience. Journey through the spectacular virtual landscapes and perform awesome stunts in air. Drift your way through the turns and be the best hoverboarder!

Download-link (Windows)

Source of Light by Atomic Reindeer Games

First-Person Puzzle Platformer, PC

Set in a fantasy world, the player has the power to control three different light dimensions, each one with unique gameplay-changing characteristics. The player will need to find out how to combine them in order to overcome the levels. How to Play in the options menu.

Download-link (Windows)

Death Mountain by Rat Plight

Throw yourself from a cliff and enjoy the fresh air and a beautiful Mountain scenery – While tumbling to your inevitable DEATH in an attempt to go further than any barbarian has before!

Download-link (Windows)

Minor Problems by Juvenext

Minor Problems is a 2D puzzle platformer in which you control two character at the same time.

Download-link (Windows)

Paw Your Way by Team Stoopidoo

Paw Your Way is a single player puzzle game for Android. Lead your dog through different worlds by creating it a path to the goal with given blocks. Unlock new themes with stars - the less blocks you use, the more stars you will get!

Download-link (Android)

Saunamajuri by Höpö & Visto

Yet another sauna game? Yes, but better than any other! This sauna game expands the experience to whole new level! Cut trees, cut logs, heat the sauna stove, throw löyly, eat sausages, explore the world, drown to lake, find cool secrets, battle with bears, unlock achievements and do tons of stuff! So much possibilities!

Download-link (Windows)

VR Zombie rush by Limba

Requires: SteamVR and HTC VIVE

In this game you have to kill all zombies before they eat you. Fist type succubus born after every 10 kills. If you kill it you can restore your health but it also do double damage. If you hear woman breathing loudly then enemy is closer than 40m.

Download-link (Windows and SteamVR + HTC Vive)

Redd by Team Albrosia

Redd is an action platformer developed for PS4. The peace has been disturbed by evil General Zol, who has come from distant future to dominate the world of Albrosia. You must navigate through the technology filled fantasy castle using their abilities to solve puzzles and overcome the fierce enemies.

Download-link (Windows)

Backdoor Golf by Rabbodirect 

Backdoor Golf is short fast paced 2D golf game where you can try / fail / try again to complete each screen before the time runs out. Backdoor Golf was made in Unity for Assembly Summer 2016

Download-link (Windows)

Avoid Asteroids 3D by Team DelWare

AA3D is a space shooter where you are trying to get through an asteroid field. getting through this field is not easy, you must use already navigated waypoints to get through. Time also matters, with a fast time and successful gameplay you will get extra points.

Download-link (Windows)

Palju by Bent

Palju is a game about Finnish summer. Heat up the palju and sauna, drink some beer, swim in a lake... Authentic Finnish summer experience!

Download-link (Windows)

ThisIsHarma by Joonas Pylvinen, Olli Korhonen, Kalle Pesonen

It is the authentic 2D härmä experience. Two players fight with physics based ragdoll humanoids and attempt to relieve the other player's blood from their bodies. Balanced for 2 controllers(Xbox360 used in development), but keyboard control is also possible, albeit game experience may change.

Download-link (Windows)

Nemesis Perspective by Kersseli, BlazeAce, Euphorgan, DriftQueen, Bleson, Vegetabbel, Setsuna, Neppari kersseli

Nemesis Perspective is the first VR experience that lets you take a whole new perspective in traditional hero versus giant boss setting. You take the control of the boss using HTC Vive and cause havoc in the shrine rivaled by your friend playing hero on a separate screen with traditional controller.

Download-link (Windows and SteamVR + HTC Vive)

Moonatees by Team Moonatees

Moonatees is a lighthearted First Person Zero Gravity Puzzler with separately controlled arms. Wake captain Snooty before the asteroid hits the spaceship! The game is inspired by the likes of Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread and Octodad – Härväys is expected.

Plays best with a controller!

Download-link (Windows)


Submitting entries to the GameDev compo

  • Entries can be submitted at https://pms.assembly.org
  • Entries must be delivered by 29th July, 2016 at 18:00 Finnish time (EEST or UTC+3) to us. 
  • Provide your contact information (name, e-mail address and phone number) and include a screenshot image for the competition management system (max 160px wide, max 90px tall, PNG-8 format). Also include a short (max. 300 characters) description of your game in file called INTRO.txt in your entry. This introduction will be posted together with the screenshot image you provide on the download page for the competition entries.
  • CompoCrew will screen the submitted entries and make them downloadable from the Assembly website.
  • You will have the possibility to update your entry until the start of the party, at that point we will update the most recent version that we have to the web. We won't be able to do updates at any other points. Please update your entries at the party management system.