4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki

Finnish eSports Championships

The grand finals for Finnish eSports Championships will be played at ASSEMBLY Summer 2016 on Thursday 4th of August in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and StarCraft2. The grand final for Finnish eSports Championship in Sim Racing will be played on Saturday 6th of August. More information about Finnish Championships can be found on the tournament site (Finnish only):


Participate through Palringo!

Palringo is a group chat app that focuses on games. To participate in the esports chat you can go to chat.palringo.com/asm and join the discussion on various games' and teams' groups. For generic talk you can also join the [assembly] group that can be found in the same address. Every group has a special ASM bot, which you can use to send feedback and questions to the tournament organizers. Just type "!asm your feedback goes here" and we'll get your message!

The ASM bot is also used for announcements and replying to your questions. If you would like to host your own Assembly group in Palringo you can do that! Just come to group [asmsupport] and let us know your group's ID. We have staff online who will add your group to the same listing and give you the ASM bot.