4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki

Demoscene results / Demoskene-tulokset

Demo - Results

1st 	3260 		Gestalt by Quite vs T-Rex
2nd 	3253 		liquiXion: the demo man by adapt
3rd 	2149 		Antimon by Pyrotech
4th 	1666 		Deep Down by Super Grand
5th 	555 		Stereo by TRBL
6th 	510 		GAZE by ____blnk
7th 	508 		Rhododendron by Vihannes
8th 	389 		Kide by Wide Load
9th 	373 		Absurdius Maximus by Paraguay
10th 	299 		Exploding Buddha by Vaerkki
11th 	285 		Planet creator device by Humane
12th 	91 		Lines by KoomaDot

tou / t-rex / Khaiiton Kantiev
b0n / primitive / Riitta Tiermas
distro / Jan-Ilmari Oksaharju
zZzz / Petri Louhenheimo

Fast Music - Results

1st 	955 		Translative Figure by Melodïcore
2nd 	894 		Juhkun Villapaita by Jarskie
3rd 	686 		it's fast by Luks
4th 	621 		Jukke-Pupun eläkepäivät by Paopao
5th 	538 		not that fast (140) by doggun2k666/mehu
6th 	501 		Bunny Boogie by JoonasD6
7th 	498 		Almost by Rayjan / Pyrotech
8th 	478 		Happy Day by Avenum
9th 	434 		Muutama risu by dusthillguy of Monsquaz crew

joonasde / Joonas Minen
halides / primitive / Pekka Korolainen
Mika Haulo
ninnnu / Paraguay / Nina Kuisma
ravec / saunalanit / Jone Kajan
Teemu Lantz
mayor / Tuomas Nieminen

Listening Music - Results

1st 	695 		Distress Signal Near The Home Planet by ruuvari/aspekt
2nd 	662 		Neon Light Coronatus Stage by Duality Vile
3rd 	654 		Noah's Urk by Paokala
4th 	623 		Dream of High Score by Man with no Nickname
5th 	577 		Gouraud by Roz/Fit^Byterapers^RNO
6th 	563 		Leveling Music by Byproduct / SceneSat
7th 	562 		Wax On Wax Off by Aikapallo
8th 	551 		Surf  The  Planet (インターネット世代) by WINAPI-サーファー
9th 	434 		Savior of Worlds by Melodïcore feat. Mom
10th 	413 		Hillbilly Facing Gondor for Golden Fries Techno by Tolpero & Helppu/Off Productions
11th 	379 		Just Another Quick Match (in Heroes of the Storm) by calmah & or4n 	
12th 	263 		NIGHTS by TomiRuuska
13th 	236 		No Way Out by Jarskie

Spiikki / Nalleperhe
b0n / Primitive
halides / Primitive
Byproduct / Scenesat
Adellan / BooZombies
T-101 / Darklite

Dance Music - Results

1st 	842 		Let My NES Move You 2 by Man with no Nickname
2nd 	594 		With You by Melodïcore
3rd 	593 		BLIP by Maulwurf
4th 	565 		Rave Network Overscan by Roz/Fit^Byterapers^RNO
5th 	559 		Spurdotetaan by Dankemon
6th 	538 		outer space by microdots
7th 	447 		Dance for the Robot Overlords by Byproduct / SceneSat
8th 	355 		Yin Yang by Dj KnV
9th 	334 		Ibiza Sunrise by DJ Joge of Brainstorm
10th 	316 		Spellhaunt by Alek Szahala
11th 	280 		Deadline trauma by Jaakkovaa
12th 	239 		Piña Colada by Mafia Pineapple

Mika Haulo
Jone Kajan
Teemu Lantz
Wode / Doomsday / Sami Voutilainen
Wiklund / Fairlight / Alex Wiklund 
Byproduct / Scenesat / Juhana Honkanen
Burre / Johan Burrell
joonasde / Joonas Minen
#hy / Paula Siljamäki
halides / primitive / Pekka Korolainen
Spiikki / Nalleperhe / Petteri Sillanpää

Gamedev - Results

1st 	1483 		ThisIsHarma by Joonas Pylvinen, Olli Korhonen, Kalle Pesonen 	PuukkoGames
2nd 	1101 		Backdoor Golf by Rabbodirect
3rd 	1074 		Death Mountain by Rat Plight
4th 	1006 		NeonWave Riders by Team NeonWave
5th 	1000 		Palju by Bent
6th 	795 		Source of Light by Atomic Reindeer Games
7th 	689 		Nemesis Perspective by Kersseli, BlazeAce, Euphorgan, DriftQueen, Bleson, Vegetabbel, Setsuna, Neppari
8th 	513 		Minor Problems by Juvenext
9th 	430 		Saunamajuri by Höpö & Visto
10th 	349 		Moonatees by Team Moonatees
11th 	266 		Redd by Team Albrosia
12th 	230 		Bellum by KoomaDot
13th 	174 		Paw Your Way by Team Stoopidoo
14th 	131 		Avoid Asteroids 3D by Team DelWare
15th 	50 		VR Zombie rush by Limba

Spiikki / Nalleperhe
b0n / Primitive
rimina / paraguay
Solarius / the Alberts

1k intro - Results

1st 	5291 		Escape through subspace 1K by Seven/Fulcrum
2nd 	3544 		ASTRA by p01 / ribbon
3rd 	2556 		Affinity by TDA
4th 	1702 		Ghosts in Paradise by Digimind
5th 	1128 		Eraserhead by Prismbeings
6th 	581 		Anubiksen Aamumenettelyt by Irah
7th 	317 		Fuzzdealer by qma
8th 	312 		Smooth Des(s)ert by Exca/Wide Load
9th 	231 		Blending Colors Makes Mess by oo
10th 	176 		Escher's sugar collection by Walther
11th 	137 		1k-introvertti by The Usual Suspects
12th 	117 		Brotgasm by dcf
13th 	96 		Divergent by Neper

Firehawk / TDA / Jani Halme
ts / TDA / Teemu Suutari
mankeli / Markus
b0n / primitive / Riitta Tiermas
00 / Olli Oikarinen

4k intro - Results

1st 	6969 		Outcast by Unknown Artists
2nd 	2925 		Mount Torii by Luminaire
3rd 	1879 		Mansikkojäätelön Iltalento by mystran
4th 	1483 		Voro Nope by XZM
5th 	1211 		Chaotic Games Dot Nu by oo
6th 	1131 		Subterranean by Ananasmurska
7th 	476 		Breakthrough by lucid

b0n / primitive / Riitta Tiermas
mankeli / Markus
oo / Olli Oikarinen
zZzz / Petri Louhenheimo
BassCadet / oobc & Adapt / Nasu Viljanmaa

Real wild - Results

1st 	5720 		Teletext 40 years by Paraguay
2nd 	3723 		My Mistress the Leviathan by Juippi, Trilkk, Warma / Faemiyah
3rd 	2774 		snek by sssampo/pistoke

Petri Louhenheimo, zZzz
Suvi Karhu
Solarius / The Alberts
Samsa Uschanoff

Short film - Results

1st 	3835 		Phantom of the Scootera by SBA
2nd 	3698 		HBC - 00015: SubSurface by HBC
3rd 	1896 		Calibration by The Scene Standards Committee
4th 	1791 		Everyday by Sans Provinces
5th 	788 		Instanssi 2017 Invitation by pumpuli

Juha Linna, Limba
Ville Sundell, Solarius / The Alberts
Leo Koivistoinen, Tethys
Jussi Hämäläinen, CountZero/TBH

Graphics - Results

1st 	2767 		Grove of the Pilgrim Hollow by Darkki
2nd 	1606 		Legendary Punatulkku by Charlotta Tiuri
3rd 	1161 		Ascii Walley by Mazor / Fairlight
4th 	922 		At The Docks by Partikle
5th 	770 		Will-o'-wisp by Surround / Tekotuotanto
6th 	627 		Sunset City by NinjaBaka
7th 	608 		Cheese Attack by maxon / HBC
8th 	523 		Dragon Slayer by Veera
9th 	512 		Flowersea by EVM
10th 	494 		You came to the wrong pond by aarnis
11th 	398 		My Wonderful Glorious Treasure! by Neotheta
12th 	374 		The Mythical Shrine of the Garden Gnomes by Janne Peippo
13th 	330 		Close to the Sun by Plasticbunny
14th 	201 		Pew Pew by HD
15th 	190 		Bounty buddies by Valtteri
16th 	69 		Honey I am Sorry by Pia L

Leo Koivistoinen, Thetys
Ville Sundell, Solarius / The Alberts
Antti Kiuru, H7/TRSi
Vantte Kilappa, Warma / Faemiyah
Nasu Viljanmaa, BassCadet / oobc & Adapt
Sami Vanhatalo, Reward / scoopex, complex, damones
Antti Rita, Adam / Dual Crew - Shining

Fast graphics - Results

1st 	2637 		I'm sorry, we have to lose the leg by Valtteri
2nd 	2349 		Rude sandstorm by Surround/Tekotuotanto
3rd 	2316 		Looking for Spare parts by Darkki
4th 	1005 		It Hit the Fan by Charlotta Tiuri
5th 	497 		Beyond Repair by Plasticbunny
6th 	430 		That's life by maxon / HBC
7th 	419 		Nyooooooo! by Greetings to Hukka, Hoppu and Angelon Häntä
8th 	361 		Beyond repair by aarnis
9th 	354 		No way out by Neotheta
10th 	349 		Broken by Antti
11th 	260 		Scene is not dead yet by gNNg
12th 	165 		Show must go on... by Ceirque
13th 	49 		Sibling Rivalries by JasuM

Leo Koivistoinen, Thetys
Antti Kiuru, H7/TRSi
Nasu Viljanmaa, BassCadet / oobc & Adapt
Burre / Johan Burrell

Photo - Results

1st 	2062 		Real-time raytracing II by biini / damones
2nd 	1242 		Unique Symmetry by AK^
3rd 	1163 		Gotcha! by Wode / Doomsday
4th 	1100 		Slippy Joe by Division
5th 	913 		Onward by Tethys
6th 	768 		Fractal Lifeform by Darkki
7th 	661 		Chiba City Console Cowboy by Janne Peippo
8th 	587 		Onwards... to glory!!! by After Work Teatime
9th 	568 		seeds of jury by jmagic
10th 	492 		Is it a cold world out there? by Insert coin here
11th 	487 		Harley Quinn by Mikko Karsisto
12th 	364 		aglais.io/dorsal by tonic
13th 	280 		Frigiliana by Roz/Fit^Byterapers^RNO
14th 	264 		Gotcha! by Foxmagon
15th 	262 		Cloudwarp by Big Buddha / HiRMU
16th 	168 		Aragog's second cousin by florist

Tuula Ylikorpi, Fox / Photocrew
Otto Jahnukainen / Live Crew
Santtu Pajukanta, Japsu / Photocrew
Idle / Infocrew
Leo Koivistoinen, Tethys
Kari Hyvoenen, Biini / Damones
Nasu Viljanmaa, Bass Cadet / oobc & Adapt

Oldskool demo - Results

1st 	3699 		Malf*cktion by Byterapers
2nd 	3042 		Blockhead by Alpha Design
3rd 	2530 		I would rather by Saksalainen Laatu
4th 	1297 		Alllegory by Quadtrip
5th 	1169 		Amica Mackig by Fiture Crew Lamer Section
6th 	715 		Psychosis by BooZombies
7th 	468 		Daybreak by Peisik

H7 / TRSi / Antti Kiuru
Sanity / Dekadence / Kim Saares
Visy / Quadtrip / Visa-Valtteri Pimiä

Skrolli 4K resolution wild - Results

1st 	1076 		4TV by ivory labs
2nd 	668 		Antiblaster preview by Hackers
3rd 	504 		Onward 4K by Tethys
4th 	416 		4K by Quadtrip
5th 	339 		Neljätuhatta muistoa by Wide Load, music by Roz
6th 	322 		Distant Worlds by The Raving Pelicans

All shown, no jury was held.

Sports CD Throw - Results

1st	74 yards	mighe
2nd	71 yards	Miika
3rd	68 yards	decodersnake
3rd	68 yards	KäKä
3rd	68 yards	Grekon
3rd	68 yards	iikster

Sports Floppy Disk Throw

1st	76 yards	Grekon
2nd	73 yards	mighe
3rd	67 yards	decodersnake

Sports Soccer Tournament

1st	Vi är Nippelson
2nd	El cigarillo
3rd	Kalamesta