4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki

Game Development Entries published!

Game Development contest participants chosen! In total 19 entries were submitted and 15 were selected to compete. This year the VR games are getting more popular.

  • Bellum by KoomaDot
  • NeonWave Riders by Team NeonWave
  • Source of Light by Atomic Reindeer Games
  • Death Mountain by Rat Plight
  • Minor Problems by Juvenext
  • Paw Your Way by Team Stoopidoo
  • Saunamajuri by Höpö & Visto
  • VR Zombie rush by Limba
  • Redd by Team Albrosia
  • Backdoor Golf by Rabbodirect
  • Avoid Asteroids 3D by Team DelWare
  • Palju by Bent
  • ThisIsHarma by Joonas Pylvinen, Olli Korhonen, Kalle Pesonen
  • Nemesis Perspective by Kersseli, BlazeAce, Euphorgan, DriftQueen, Bleson, Vegetabbel, Setsuna, Neppari kersseli
  • Moonatees by Team Moonatees

Descriptions and download links on Game development entries page.