4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki

ARTtech Seminar

We are thrilled to present the ARTtech seminars! Since the year 2001 ARTtech seminars have showcased respected pioneers, industry veterans, technology experts and artists in interesting seminar sessions on technology and art and the combinations of the two!

ARTtech seminars are organized during ASSEMBLY Summer and are available free of charge to all visitors (max 100 persons per session). Entrance to the seminars is handled on "first-come-first-served basis". However, priority is given to visitors with oldskool tickets.

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time Thursday 4.8.2016 Saturday 6.8.2016

Save the Children Finland: The economics of gaming panel discussion


Veli-Pekka Piirainen: Critical Ops - the first FPS game for mobile eSports


Sampsa Kuha: TRIAL AND ERROR - lessons learned developing for GearVR


Tuomas Karmakallio: All your retina are belong to us


Juhani Eronen: Your privacy is protected by .. what exactly?

Tuukka Takala: Staying Ahead of the Curve in Virtual Reality


Kadri Ugand: From Game to Studio to Business

Miro Vesterinen: Custom vertex normals & the "Medium-poly" workflow


Erkka Nurmi, Milla Pystynen: VR Game Development on a University Course

Jere Sanisalo: Modern GPU particle systems in Alienation (PS4)


Jussi Kyrönseppä: Building IP first

Tatu Aalto: Rendering Quantum Break


Perttu Hämäläinen: The Augmented Climbing Wall: designing augmented reality sports

Timo Heinäpurola: Mobile Game Engine Development at Reforged Studios


Kirsi Ihalainen: Generative Sound Design

Joona Heinikoski: Tools for creating successful  alien invasion

Ville Sorsa: Designing sound for time bending Quantum Break

Juska Teittinen: Introduction to design