4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki

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ASSEMBLY, the world's largest computer festival for young computer enthusiasts held annually in Helsinki, Finland, takes place this year on 2nd to 5th of August. The event brings together over 5000 people - programmers, computer graphicians and musicians, gamers and other young and talented computer hobbyists - and companies such as industry leaders in computer graphics (ATI), developer tools (Microsoft) and computer hardware and peripherals (ASUS).

The ASSEMBLY seminars have been an integral component of the events since the year 2001. The seminar series have covered topics such as game development for new, mobile platforms, entrepreneurship and careers in digital content and content creation with the tools of the trade (SDKs, APIs and other tools).

Prominent speakers in the seminars series during last years have included

  • Mr. Tim Sweeney (founder, Epic Games)
  • Mr. Rob Hubbard (technical director, EA Games)
  • Mr. David Fox (game designer for e.g. Zak McKraken)
  • Mr. Jeff Minter (legendary game developer, founder of LlamaSoft)
  • Mr. Björn Lynne (composer and audio manager, Team17)
  • Mr. Peter Hajba (animator, Remedy Entertainment)
  • Mr. Paul Bragiel (CEO, Paragon5)
  • Mr. Ilari Kuittinen (CEO, Housemarque)
  • Mr. Markus Mäki (development director, Remedy Entertainment)

and many other Finnish and international speakers.

The ASSEMBLY ARTtech seminars' idea is derived from the core of ASSEMBLY: the event has been always about combining art (e.g. computer graphics, music and design) with cutting-edge technological innovations (e.g. latest 3D APIs) and technical skills (e.g. speed and file size optimization). The ARTtech seminars will bring together renowed pioneers, industry veterans, techinal experts and artists of the digital medium on topics such as CGI, 64k intros and gaming.


ASSEMBLY Organizing, the arranger of the events, is currently looking for speakers from a wide range of disciplines to participate in the seminars.

If you are

  • an artist who uses computers and the digital medium as your tool
  • a digital content producer making a name for yourself with your signature style
  • a programmer focusing on enabling digital art (e.g. 3D engines, sound engines, sound production, 3D modeling, game engines etc)
  • a researcher / developer studying and developing tools or technologies for converging art and technology
  • a pioneer in the digital domain (e.g. in the internet, computer games, visual effects (film/TV/commercials))

and you would be interested in speaking at the ASSEMBLY Summer ARTtech seminars, please contact us by email.

We can offer your a professionally organized setting and a very enthusiastic audience. We'll expand the reach of your presentation through the AssemblyTV seminar webcast to over 20 000 Internet-based viewers.

You'll also have the chance to experience a very unique event - the ASSEMBLY - and to network with young, talented artists and programmers.

For selected international visitors we will offer compensation for travel expenses and accomodation during the event.

Contact information

If you have any questions related to the seminars, please contact us by email.