4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki


AssemblyTV will broadcast the event's ceremonies and compos live. Our legendary compo studios will provide commentary after each compo. The broadcast will start at 15:30 Finnish time on Thursday 4th of August. Other material will be published as clips on theĀ AssemblyTV Youtube channel. The channel will also act as an archive, where you can view all the broadcasts later.

Live streams will also be broadcasted from the ARTtech seminars and eSports tournaments.


Seminar is streaming live on Youtube channel.


Thursday 4th of August

14.00-14.45: ARTtech seminars: Juhani Eronen
15.30-16.00: Opening ceremony
16.00-16.30: Fireside chat with Kadri Ugand
16.30-17.00: Fireside chat with Juhani Eronen
17.00-18.45: Finnish championships, StarCraft 2 Finals
20.00-20.30: Fireside chat with Kirsi Ihalainen
21.30-22.00: Fireside chat with Ville Sorsa
22.00-22.30: Fireside chat with Andy Pyro
23.00-03.00: Retro games tournament

Friday 5th of August

12.30-12.40: Good Morning Assembly!
13.-13.45: Fast Music competition
13.45-14.00: Fast Graphics competition
14.00-14.30: Fast Music & Graphics Compostudio
14.30-14.45: Photo competition
14.45-15.00: Graphics competition
15.00-15.30: Photo & Graphics Compostudio
16.00-16.45: Dance Music competition
16.45-17.15: Dance Music Compostudio
17.15-18.00: Listening Music competition
18.00-18.30: Listening Music Compostudio
18.30-19.15: Short Film competition
19.15-19.45: Short Film Compostudio
19.45-20.45: Game Development competition
20.45-21.15: Game Development Compostudio
21.15-22.00: Real Wild Demo competition
22.00-22.30: Real Wild Demo Compostudio
22.30-23.00: Oldskool Demo competition
23.00-23.30: Oldskool Demo Compostudio
00.00-04.00: Retro games tournament

Saturday 6th of August

9.30-9.30: Good Morning Assembly!
10.00-10.45: ARTtech seminars: Save the Children
11.00-11.45: ARTtech seminars: Veli-Pekka Piirainen
13.00-13.30: Fireside chat with Sampsa Kuha
15.00-15.30: Fireside chat with Tuukka Takala
15.30-18.15: ASUS ROG Summer 2016 CS:GO Semifinal 2
18.15-19.00: Price Ceremony #1
19.30-20.00: Fireside chat with Jere Sanisalo
20.00-20.30: Fireside chat with Joona Heinikoski
20.30-21.00: Fireside chat with Tuomas Karmakallio
21.00-21.30: Fireside chat with Anniinap
21.30-22.00: Fireside chat with eeddspeaks
22.00-22.30: Fireside chat with Herbalisti
22.30-23.00: 1k Intro competition
23.00-23.30: 4k Intro competition
23.30-24.00: 1k & 4k Intro Compostudio
24.00-01.00: Demo competition
01.00-01.30: Demo Compostudio
02.00-06.00: Retro games tournament

Sunday 7th of August

11.40-11.50: Good Morning Assembly!
12.00-12.30: Fireside chat with TurunMarkku
12.30-13.00: Fireside chat with HerraMustikka
13.00-14.00: Price Ceremony #2 & Closing Ceremony