4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki


Alex Wiklund

Friday 5th of August at 01:00

Wiklund is a Swedish game composer with his roots in the demoscene. Wiklund started to compose music in 2008 with his old dusty gameboys and later discovered the possibilities of other consoles. He has been making music for numerous games and demoscene productions. Wiklund is also a member of the notorious demoscene group Fairlight.


Friday 5th of August at 23.30

Kebu (alias Sebastian Teir) from Finland is a bright comet in the world of synthesizer music, whose latest album "Perplexagon" (Secret Entertainment 2016) debuted as number 6 on the Finnish album charts. Kebu is a true synthesizer wizard, whose polished Youtube videos have gathered over 5 million views and fans from all around the globe. Kebu's music is distinguished not only by a dedicated treatment of analog synthesis but also of an audience-captivating live performance. Kebu's live gigs are surrounded by warmth and joy, as well as a huge arsenal of analog synths, which brings to mind the best solo synthesizer artists from the 1970's and 1980's. Indeed, Swedish Gaffa.se said in a rave review of Kebu's gig that "Jarre's successor has arrived". Kebu carried out a successful tour in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Finland in 2016 and is currently preparing for a larger Europe-wide tour in 2017. Kebu was nominated both as Best artist of the year and for Best album of the year in the German Schallwelle Music Awards 2013.