4.-7.8.2016, Helsinki

ASM Game Jam '16

@ Table B18

Game Jam has ended for Assembly Summer 2016. You can view all the created games at Game Jam's website. Compilation of the games can be viewed from Youtube.

Hey all jammers and welcome to Assembly Game Jam ’16!

Once again Finnish Game Jam ry is organizing a game jam event at Assembly. ASM Game Jam ’16 is open for everyone participating in Assembly Summer 2016. You can jam from wherever you wish inside the party venue.


The Jam starts on Thursday 18:00 and ends on Sunday at 09:00 but you can join whenever it is suitable for you. Teams are made on site so join in by yourself or with friends.

The topic will be released on Thursday and it will be the same for everyone. A game jam is a game development event, not a competition. That means you can go and try to create some of your wildest ideas. So, make a game in one weekend from an idea to a playable game.  

How to participate

Come to the Jam meeting on Thursday 18.00 to Jam info at table B18 There you can pitch yourself and your ideas. The idea is to form teams onsite, so think beforehand: what is your skill set, are you a coder, a graphics artist, a musician, or something else entirely?

Build your teams and start jamming. People are joining the jams all the time during the weekend, so you can grow your team on the way and get more talented developers to your game.  

Be open minded, try wild ideas and meet new people :)

If you are not able to join the meetings, then come and talk to jam organizers at B18 (people with fancy pink hoodies) and we'll get you up to speed.

Check out the games developed at ASM JAM '15 here

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What is a game jam?

A Game Jam brings together all types of people to innovate and develop new games in a limited time frame (ranging from 2 hours to 2 weeks, a typical time frame is 48 h). A game jam is not a competition, but a game development challenge of collaboration, with a certain theme, and technical and/or design constraints.

These are the basic rules that you should follow to make your Jam the best it can be.

1. A game jam is a social event

“The more the merrier” applies to a game jams, but if you’re convinced you’ll get the best experience working alone – we’ll support you!

2. Game jamming is a skill

As you jam, you will get better at it with time. This skill is not required to participate – but it is good to be aware that the skill exists.

3. A game jam is inclusive

Regardless of your background, skill set, sexual orientation, gender and views – whatever they might be – you’re warmly welcome to a game jam if you share the passion for creating games!

4. A game jam is about sharing and collaboration

Your efforts in a game jam are best shared with others. All the ideas, troubles and end results should be shared together to drive innovation and exploration of the games as an interactive medium. Remember that the games will be published under the Creative Commons licence after the event on the Global Game Jam site.

5. Game jams are fun

A game jam is a timeboxed event where people are free to experiment and explore without being aware of the possible end result. It’s a no-stress and fun event that no-one should leave with hard feelings. You can participate in the game jam as little or as much as you like.

Finnish Game Jam 2017

In case you are left hungry for more: Finnish Game Jam event returns in January 2017 as part of Global Game Jam, the world's largest game jam. In year 2016 Finland hosted the event in 22 different locations with almost 1000 participants. Expect a weekend of game development madness as teams all over the world rush to meet the deadline.