13:00 Games industry – career in games why not? - Arja Martikainen
14:00 A journey from gamedev demo compo to success of BADLAND games - Johannes Vuorinen
15:00 Lukas Stasevskij (Game music collective)
16:00 Optimisation of rendering pipeline at Reforged Studios - Timo Heinäpurola
17:00 Heini Karppinen and Tommi Toivonen (MeHackit)
18:00 John Cipriano (Supercell)
19:00 What exactly is cyber espionage? - Jarno Niemelä
20:00 Benjamin Särkkä (Disobey)

Arja Martikainen: Games industry – career in games why not?

An overview to Finnish Games industry and its career opportunities. What does it take to get a job in games industry? What are the candidate and the employer expectations to each other? Some results of the Games Jobs Finland candidate / employer research June 2017.

Speaker bio

Arja has been working for two decades in Finnish technology and creative industry companies. Former long-time HR Manager of Digital Chocolate Helsinki. Currently hands-on recruiter and founder of Games Jobs Finland at Barona IT. Lecturer of HR, resourcing and talent management at various executive programs including Aalto EE Game Executive. Long-time mentor, HR advisor and a recent investor focusing on games. 

Johannes Vuorinen:  A journey from gamedev demo compo to success of BADLAND games

A fire side chat with the CEO of Frogmind, Johannes Vuorinen, about his career as coder and the impact Assembly game compos have had to his career.

Speaker bio

Game programmer since 2008. Co-founder of Frogmind, an indie game studio in Helsinki behind GoTY winning BADLAND (2013, mobile/desktop/consoles) and BADLAND 2 (2015, iOS/Android). Gamer since 1990 and Assembly goer since 1999. Attended short film compo with couple of Star Wars fan films and gamedev compo with Tunnel Dodge. Assembly has had a big impact on my life and work.

Timo Heinäpurola: Optimisation of rendering pipeline at Reforged Studios

In this presentation, I will explain some of the steps that Reforged Studios has taken to optimise our rendering pipeline for Apple’s Metal API. I will give an overview of our rendering architecture and explain the individual steps of rendering a single frame, followed by a deep dive into tile based rendering and how we are using Metal to optimize rendering performance.

Speaker bio

Timo is responsible for maintaining the overall vision and architecture of Reforged Studios’ in-house game engine. Before joining the company, he was the lead programmer on The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land (Next Games) and Next Car Game: Wreckfest (Bugbear Entertainment). Timo also has a server development background, having started his career in the IT industry.

Jarmo Niemelä: What exactly is cyber espionage?

This presentation covers technical details about computerized espionage, what kinds of tools spies use, what they do and how to fight against them?

Speaker bio

Jarno Niemelä has spent the past 17 years at F-Secure security lab working on analyzing and identifying malicious behavior and planning automatic malware handling systems. His current duties focus on automating cyber-attack detection and planning new cyber-defense systems for F-Secure products and services. Keen on data science and on analyzing APT and malware behavioral patterns, he also teaches cyber defense at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. He also speaks often at cybersecurity events.