ASSEMBLY is over.


Answer party survey, win tickets!

ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 was a great party with over 1500 visitors. We want to make it better, and we can do it only with your help!

Please answer our survey (survey for party visitors)! We will randomly pick three people who responded, and award each of them with two computer tickets to ASSEMBLY Summer 2008.

Also, if you didn't come to ASSEMBLY Winter 2010, we have another survey for you (survey for people who didn't come to the party)! We will also randomly pick three people from this survey, and award each of them with two computer tickets each to ASSEMBLY Summer 2010!

Thanks and CU at ASSEMBLY Summer 2010! Interviews and gaming videos interviews and game matches are now online at Ustream


Assembly Cafe will be open longer

As requested, the Assembly Cafe will be open longer on Saturday-Sunday night, closing at 3:30 local time. So plenty of time to get your hunger and thirst satisfied while at the party.


Paragon WoW raids ToTC25 heroic and WOW helpdesk



Paragon WOW will be raiding ToTC25 in heroic mode today starting at 19:00 local time. You can come and watch the raid at their computer places at D1 table (hallway side, so there is room for viewers as well).

They will continue raiding 10 man zones after that, so come by, see the guys in action.

Paragon players are also available at the gaming area (2nd floor) at 00:00 local time. You can come, log on your own character and Paragon players can help you to tune your character and give tricks how to better your game style etc. So come by and say hello, and ask anything you want.

Assembly Winter photogallery

Our photographers' gallery can be found at Gallery is constantly updated during the party and after the party!

WoW panel cancelled

Unfortunately the WoW panel scheduled for Sunday afternoon has been cancelled.

Robosota cancelled

Unfortunately the Robosota event has been cancelled. The date of the event didn't work out for the Robosota folks.

Robosota will return at ASSEMBLY Summer 2010. at ASM is the official media partner for Assembly Winter 2010

For ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 event all the game compo news can be found under one address. Known from the last ASSEMBLY Summer, will handle the coverage for game compos including live webcasts (in Finnish) for all the stage matches. TV and wabbit with his colleagues are there to keep you up to date.

In addition to news, match results and live casts, provides you with player interviews and plenty of photos from the event. covers (in Finnish) Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield and Call of Duty series, among other top FPS games.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Gather

Loading doors are open until 22:00 on Friday

To make it easier for everybody to get the gear in to the party place, the loading doors will be open until 22:00 on Friday 22th January. So when you are coming to the party place, remember to use the loading entrance. Please read the detailed instructions.

Schedule online

Paragon WoW raiding on Friday at 20:00 - 22:00

As put to the news earlier, current top WOW guild Paragon will be raiding Ice Crown Citadel live in 25 man raid. This will happen on Friday 22nd Jan at 20:00 - 22:00 EET (local Finnish time).

The raid will be explained as each boss is pulled, giving spectators an opportunity to learn valuable tactics and tips for each encounter in ICC25. We will provide also player interviews before the raid takes place.

You can also come and meet Paragon players at the event, and they are ready to give you insights about your class, tips and tricks to get your character really going on raids. So don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the top WoW guilds in the world!

The raid can also be watched via TV stream on live as it happens.


Food & snacks at party place

We've got good food and tasty snacks for you at the party place at the Cafe!

Driving route to Kaapelitehdas & Parking issues

To ensure that everybody gets smoothly to the party place, we need everybody to follow our instructions on how to drive to the party place. Please check out the map and always follow the arrows when driving to the party place!

There will also be signs by the roads in Ruoholahti showing the right driving route to the Kaapelitehdas.

Parking is another major problem at Ruoholahti. There is NO reserved parking for the party visitors and it will be very hard to find a parking place on Friday afternoon as the road side parking spots are taken up by people who work at Ruoholahti. After 19:00 o'clock on Friday evening, most of the parking places along side the roads in Ruoholahti will be free for parking, so you can leave you car then at the public parking spots.

Our recommendation is to park your car at the Shopping Center Ruoholahti's parking hall before 19:00 o'clock on Friday and then move your car to a free parking spot along side the roads. Please note that parking at the shopping center is NOT free though.

More information on parking.

Poker & sports cancelled

We have had to unfortunately cancel a few events. The sports competitions have been cancelled due to lack of suitable places for traditional sport events (and no, we won't play football on the frozen sea =)). The poker tournament has been cancelled as we haven't found suitable persons to run the the tournament (if you have the experience and want to run the tournament, email us).

Winners of free tickets found!

Our competition to photoshop the ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 poster with funny dialogue received over 50 entries and the winners have been found. Check out the winning entries!

Join SourceMix for fragging fun!

SourceMix organizes a free-for-all 5on5 Counter-Strike:Source marathon at ASSEMBLY Winter 2010. Join SourceMix for non-stop fragging fun!

Great Amateur gaming compos!

We got a great line up of cool Amateur gaming tournaments held at ASSEMBLY Winter 2010. Check this list out:

  • Counter-Strike 1.6 5on5
  • Counter-Srike:Source 5on5
  • NHL 10 2on2
  • WipeOut HD
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii: Coin Battle
  • Heroes of Newerth 3on3

So get your game on and join the tournaments!

Jimm's @ Assembly Winter



Jimm's is one one the main sponsors of Assembly Winter 2010 and is the official provider of hardware and modification parts for Assembly.

Jimm's is bringing a lot of activity to the event, rumor says there will be small competitions at their booth with Asus... for what? Come and check!


After a pause, Jimm's will bring back the PC-clinic, which will operate at their stand. The clinic will help fixing your computer if you run into problems with it during the party or if you just want to find a good sensible priced upgrade to your current hardware. The clinic is free of charge to all Assembly participants, so if you have problems with your PC or want to uprade it a bit, Jimm's PC-clinic is there for you.



One of the rumors we heard tells us that there will be extreme overclocking happening at the event. Jimm's PC and Petri 'SF3D' Korhonen will be doing weird experiments and cooling at their stand. A big order for liquid nitrogen has already being placed to a gas provider.. and there might be something else arriving, to bring the cooling to an additoinal extreme twist!

So come and check the overclocking show at Jimm's stand.

Coolest Case & Place

Jimm's is sponsoring the Coolest case and Coolest place compos with good prizes for the winners!


Robosota and Dance Gaming

ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 is coming in fast and we've confirmed two great events for the party program: Robosota and Dance Gaming.

Robosota willl be back at ASSEMBLY to show the latest in robot destruction and mechanized mayhem. The show starts 14:00 on Saturday 23rd of January.

Tanssipelaajat will be hosting the Dance Gaming tournament and an open dance gaming setup on their booth. Feel free to get into the groove for fun or try out in the competition!

World famous WoW guild Paragon comes to Assembly Winter


The WoW guild Paragon made Finnish WoW history last September by making the world first kill and defeating Anub'arak on heroic 25 man raid. Paragon WoW left behind all other well known leading WoW guilds, like Ensidia and many others. The guild is entirely finnish, which makes the achievement more noteworthy against international guilds.

Paragon original Anub'arak killshot September 7th 2009

Paragon WoW will come to Assembly Winter with over 20 guild mates. You can experience something you don't get to do elsewhere: enjoy Paragon's live raiding in 25 man Icecrown Citadel, happening authentic at the event and watched via the big screen.

Come by, greet and meet players from the best Finnish WoW guild in person!

You can relive the moments of the first kill in Youtube :)

Prizes worth €10 000!

The prizes for ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 competitions have been published! The total worth of prizes handed out is €10 000 and you can find details on the Prizes page.

Let the best man and best team win!

Ticket sales starts Sunday 13th at 19:00

The ticket sales to ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 starts on Sunday 13th of December at 19:00 at our webshop

We have room for over 1000 computers and 1500 partygoers. Computer tickets cost €50 and entry tickets €25. BTW, this is a great X-mas present idea, so tip off your parents or friends!

More info on Tickets. CU at ASM!

Win free tickets to ASSEMBLY Winter 2010!

Come up with a funny dialogue for the characters in the ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 poster and you can win two free computer tickets to the party!


Website launched

The ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 website is live (yes, you are looking at it ;-)). Apologies for the delay, which was caused by changes in our technical infrastructure.

There may still be technical glitches on the site as well as some out of date information. We'll update everything as soon as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you at ASSEMBLY Winter 2010 at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki from 22nd to 24th of January 2010!