ASSEMBLY is over.



ASSEMBLY Summer continues on the traditions of ASSEMBLY and covers more than just one aspect of digital culture. The party's background in the demoscene plays a key role as demoscene competitions continue to be the among the very best in the world.

ASSEMBLY Summer's key areas are:

  • program for everybody: from demosceners to gamers to just about everybody interested in computers, there's program for everybody
  • world class competitions: ASSEMBLY's demoscene competitions are among the very best
  • gaming: high-stakes pro gaming tournaments and just-for-fun competitions
  • lots of activities: ARTtech seminars, Robosota, raves, concerts, AssemblyTV and much more

Quick facts for ASSEMBLY Summer 2011


 Date Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August 2011
 Hours Doors open at 12:00 on Thursday and close at 18:00 on Sunday
 Location Hartwall Areena, Helsinki, Finland
Participants Over 5 000
Ticket sales Only at starting at TBA
Computer ticket 65-75 euros
Entry ticket 35 euros
Discounts Group discounts available, special discount for approved demosceners
Program See year 2010 program.
Competitions See year 2010 competitions.
TV broadcast AssemblyTV covers the whole event