ASSEMBLY is over.

World's best eSport athletes at ASM

The gaming events at ASSEMBLY Winter will be huge spectacle for all visitors!  Never before has Finland seen a gaming tournament on this level. The players for the tournament are coming from three different continents carrying their nation's flag with pride.

The StarCraft 2 tournament at ASSEMBLY Winter is hands down the best tournament ever in Europe. The players for this tournament are coming from South Korea, Canada, United States, Sweden and Germany to name a few. They are facing Finns and especially Santeri "Naama" Lahtinen who brought the victory home from DreamHack Winter winning Koreans and players by playing left hand. Naama doesn't have to carry out Finland alone, because all the top players from Finland are coming to challenge foreigners on this epic tournament.

On Counter-Strike: Source tournament the TOP-5 Finnish clans are facing each other. Especially the matches between old rivalries CKRAS Gaming and eXelon Gaming are going to be huge. These two teams have faced each others on Assembly finals before and eXelon is the current champion. But CKRAS is well prepared for them.

Team Fortress 2 is going to be huge too. All the major teams from Europe are coming the event to face each others again. Finnish-Swedish team Dignitas with their Finnish captain Rauli "Darn" Savela is trying to lead Dignitas to win this time, but he is facing the though
opponents from Finland. Both Blight Gaming and Power Gaming will try to force Dignitas once again to take runner ups prize and go for the glory themselves.

To spice things up SETT TV will shoutcast all the major matches from the event. SETT TV is bringing their old legend Teemu "wabbit" Hiilinen and with him you will see new faces with young enthuaism.

Make sure you book a computer place to make the most of this year's ASSEMBLY Winter. There will also be spectator passes on sale, so you really have to make sure to book a trip to the snowy Helsinki!

Let's cheer Finland to victory! Join us for ASSEMBLY at the Kaapelitehdas, in Helsinki Finland from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of February!