ASSEMBLY is over.

SteelSeries Challenge: SC2 - Battledetails Operational

After a month of back and forth, the groups are finally completed. There were a number of cancellations, most prominently the Korean contingent of Rainbow and Cella, but there's still very much enough star power left attending to illuminate even the polar night of Helsinki. The latecomers aren't half-bad either, proven by the fact that they include, for example, Liquid`Tyler.

The massive group stage of 64 players worth of bo3 play will be played completely in one day, Friday 11.2., and the playoffs from ro32 onwards on the following Saturday. The ludicrous amount of matches played demands an equally ludicrous set of casters to provide coverage. The caster lineup is currently looking like this:

  • Martijn + Maven + TheBeard: feat. on-site - English, main stream
  • TotalBiscuit: online/on-site - English
  • SETT TV: on-site - Finnish
  • Millenium TV: on-site - French
  • Khaldor: online - German
  • itzMorglum( online -Polish


And finally, the groups and the groupstage schedule:

Group A : 11.2. 12:00->

flagflag Liquid`TLO

flagflag Menace.Fuzer

flagflag RoX.KIS.LiveZerg

flagflag Mayhemia


Group B : 11.2. 12:00->

flagflag Empire.Kas

flagflag aTn.DarKFoRcE

flagflag Lions.StyGGeN

flagflag gL.Mudis


Group C : 11.2. 12:30->

flagflag mouz.Naama

flagflag SK.jimpo

flagflag Empire.Forsen

flagflag Konna


Group D : 11.2. 12:30->

flagflag M.Tarson

flagflag myR.eNvious

flagflag RAGE.Welmu

flagflag Multani


Group E : 11.2. 12:30->

flagflag Liquid`HuK

flagflag RoX.KIS.Abver

flagflag MYM.SaSe

flagflag kiljardi


Group F : 11.2. 12:30->

flagflag ROOT.qxc

flagflag dignitas.merz

flagflag Ouga

flagflag gL.torecito


Group G : 11.2. 17:00->

flagflag aTn.Socke

flagflag RoX.KIS.Pomi

flagflag RAGE.ActionJesuz

flagflag Tuomio


Group H : 11.2. 17:00->

flagflag mouz.Strelok

flagflag M.LaLuSh

flagflag dwish.cast

flagflag Protosser


Group I : 11.2. 17:00->

flagflag dignitas.SjoW

flagflag Virus.Seinis

flagflag inF.RunA

flagflag Which

Group J : 11.2. 17:00->

flagflag mouz.MorroW

flagflag M.Adelscott

flagflag RAGE.Seala

flagflag TrueRandom


Group K : 11.2. 22:00->

flagflag RoX.KIS.BRAT_OK

flagflag M.DieStar

flagflag imakki

flagflag ZhuGeLiang


Group L : 11.2. 22:00->

flagflag Virus.Satiini

flagflag PwR.elfi

flagflag Gruang

flagflag Lions.Skruffy

Group M : 11.2. 22:00->

flagflag Liquid`Ret

flagflag srs.iNSoLeNCE

flagflag GG.Naugrim

flagflag Aktivisti


Group N : 11.2. 22:00->

flagflag dignitas.Naniwa

flagflag mouz.HasuObs

flagflag nD.Tripal

flagflag h4u.Drafter


Group O : 11.2. 23:00->

flagflag EG.DeMusliM

flagflag dignitas.Bischu

flagflag M.ToD

flagflag barian

Group P : 11.2. 23:00->

flagflag Liquid`Tyler

flagflag aAa.SarenS

flagflag EG.Grubby

flagflag/flag Virus.Magik


Playoff schedule:

  • RO32 (bo3): 12.2. 11:00 & 13:00
  • RO16 (bo3): 12.2. 15:00
  • RO8 (bo3): 12.2. 17:00
  • RO4 (bo3): 12.2. 19:00
  • Bronze match (bo5): 12.2. 21:00
  • Grand Finals (bo5): 12.2. 23:00

All playoff matches for a round except a certain few RO32 matches will be played simultaneously, including the semifinals. This is the price to be paid for having 64 great players in the tournament, with a bo3 groupstage and no coinflips!

Playoff structure basis (X1 means the winner of group X):


A1 vs I2

B1 vs J2


C1 vs K2

D1 vs L2


E1 vs M2

F1 vs N2


G1 vs O2

H1 vs P2


I1 vs A2

J1 vs B2


K1 vs C2

L1 vs D2


M1 vs E2

N1 vs F2


O1 vs G2

P1 vs H2