ASSEMBLY is over.


ASSEMBLY Winter is Finland's largest LAN party combined with the feeling of ASSEMBLY.

Our winter event focuses purely on gaming. The goal of the party is to be more than just a "LAN party": a big program featuring amateur and professional gaming competitions, sports, poker, big prizes, and many more fun activities makes it a true ASSEMBLY experience.

Welcome gamers - you're at home now

The whole party is made for you to enjoy. We know what you need and what you want. Enjoy sleeping at your computer or at the sleeping area, playing around the clock, excellent bandwidth, and superb treats by our sponsors. Feel at home.

Play for fun

Whether you play with friends or challenge others in the just-for-fun tournaments.

Compete for prizes

Are you up to it? Meet your fellow gamers and rivals in our professional competitions. See if you can beat them and collect the great prizes!

Meet the stars

All the big players will be here - see them in live action, see your stars beat their adversaries and meet them. Cheer for them in the big screen competitions.