Shader Showdown

The Ultimate challenge: Real-time coding competition


In the showdown two coders battle each other in live coding. You’ve got 25 minutes to impress the audience with your mad coding skills, while a DJ spins records for your inspiration. Audience gets to see both shaders coming together live, parallel and then choose the winner.

Both competitors have same computer setup to use that is provided by the organizers. The live coding tool used in Shader Showdown is BONZOMATIC (discussion here). You can pick either GLSL or HLSL (DX9 or DX11) to compete with. No additional tools – such as paper, memory stick, radio, mobile phone, tablets, what so ever – are allowed.

Are you up for the challenge? Contact with topic Shader Showdown Assembly Online 2020. In the email tell who you are and express your willingness to compete. The competitors for this event have been selected!

To get better gist of what Shader Showdown is check out Shader Showdown final at Assembly Summer 2019!

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