You can watch the Streamcorner live at

Streamcorner is present at the Assembly as usual. Our popular streamers can be found at their stations, and program on the stage will keep you entertained throughout the party.

Stage program



Challenge Roarr at Hearthstone!

21:30-22:45 INK Owl lavashow!

Quiplash with Joni



Lihisliiga 1v1 Dota2 Tournament, Makkaralihis


Challenge Anniinap 1v1 CS:GO


Sienimiili Music Stream


WIP Herramustikka


VR Challenge w/ Joni






AndyPyro's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ASM tournament 


IS Clash Royale tournament - Finals 

21:00-21:45 Pelikvartaali



Originally springing to fame with Leage of Legends, TurunMarkku streams full day on Twitch and has been a Twitch Partner for over two years now. Nowadays you can se a lot more than just LoL on Markku's stream, with other games and IRL-content.

You can find TurunMarkku's stream at

Andy Pyro

His hotheaded and aggressive playstyle has made him a hit amongst his fellow countrymen on Twitch. But in his own words, "Behind the rage there’s a nice genuine guy that loves gaming". While he may act the rager in the game, when the computer is turned off he is a loving and devoted father to his two young daughters.

You can find Andy's stream at:


Streaming in English and Finnish, in addition to CS:GO Anniinap does IRL streams that often focus on cars, motorcycles and of course having fun. There's a lot of speed and "danger" in Anniinap's streams! 

You can find Anniina's stream at:


With over five years of experience on content creation, Eetu Pesonen aka eeddspeaks aka eeddplays is back at Assembly Streamcorner. You better not expect game skills even though it's a game event, but you can come enjoy the show that includes meeting followers and drinking energy drinks. Since Eetu can't play, he compensates with his crazy antics and can infect the whole hall with his racous laughter. The tale goes that the most diligent Streamcorner hangarounds might even get gifts from Eetu, so come say hi!

You can find Eetu at


The Youtuber and livestreamer "MrTuomo" has been practically in on the scene since time began! He's 22 years old physically and at tops 14 mentally. His streams are always about having as much fun as possible and the style fits accordingly!

You can find Tuomo at


Jesse "Roarr" Kaila is a 20-year-old man with passion to streaming and eSports. Roarr himself is trying to make it in eSports with Hearthstone and has got pretty good results too, even if you wouldn't always believe it. In his streams he doesn't really showcase his skills, and focuses more on chilling with his viewers. Roarr's channel is growing steadily and he hopes to one day live off streaming.

You can find Jesse's stream at: 

Rotating stream station

In addition to the resident streamers and stage program, the stream corner also offers constant streaming from the rotating stream station. With a new face every few hours, it's a hotpot of gaming and streaming action. You can check the stream station schedule here.