Assembly Winter 2017 organizes a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament in Helsinki Convention & Exhibition Centre on February 3.-4. in which 16 teams will be competing for a $15,000 USD prize pot.

Assembly continues their series of professional CS:GO tournament in the upcoming Winter 2017 event. This time the event is bigger than ever with 16 teams joining the tournament via invites and an online qualifier for Finnish teams. The matches will be played and commentated live in front of the crowd of our digital festival on Fri-Sat, February 3-4 in Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Quick facts

Time: Fri-Sat, Feb 3-4, 2017
Place: Helsinki Convention & Exhibition Centre, Finland
Teams: 16
Prizes: $15,000 USD
Format: GSL groups + single elimination playoffs
Participation: Invites + Finnish qualifier
Twitter: @assemblyparty



$15,000 USD will be spread among the top four teams as follows:

1. $8,000
2. $4,000
3-4. $1,500
3-4. $1,500


All times in EET / CET+1 / GMT + 2.

Friday, Fed 3 - Group Stage
Groups A & B
12:00 Initial matches, bo1
~13:15 Winners & losers matches, bo1
~14:30 Decider matches, bo3

Groups C & D
18:30 Initial matches, bo1
~19:45 Winners & losers matches, bo1
~21:00 Decider matches, bo3

Saturday, Feb 4 - Playoffs
11:30 Quarter-finals A-D, bo3
14:30 Semi-final A, bo3
18:00 Semi-final B, bo3
22:15 Final, bo3

The matches on Friday with ~ mark will be using accelerated schedule, meaning they will start earlier if possible.


The best place to see the action is on location at Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre where the Assembly CS:GO tournament enjoys its own stage and a large audience stand. However, if you prefer to follow the matches online, luckily we have multiple options available for you.

Main streams

Partner streams

Broadcast talent

  • English stream
    • Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett - Commentator
    • Halvor "vENdetta" Gulestøl - Commentator
  • Finnish stream
    • Teemu “wabbit” Hiilinen - Commentator
    • Juha “aNgeldust” Kurppa - Commentator
    • Joona “natu” Leppänen - Analyst
    • Jenny “NapuliX” Kåla - Analyst
    • Samuel Nyman - Studio host
    • Esa “Snapple” Kaisjoki - Stage host

More info

More information about participation, qualifiers and the schedule can be found from the tournament site.