The location is about 3 km from the centre of Helsinki.

Public transport

  The Venue is easily accessible by by public transport. The Pasila train station is right next to the venue and trams 9, 7A and 7B also stops at Messukeskus.

Entry route by car

  Drive to Messukeskus and enter the car park from Ratapihantie street as marked on the map below (click the map to expand):

travelling map
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!!! Attention! Prices are updated later. !!!

  Messukeskus car park is available to everyone around the clock. You can park before the event starts. The maximum height of the car allowed in is 2.2 m, so any higher cars need to be park into the outside parking space. Sleeping and camping is prohibited at the car park.

One-hour parking is free. When you enter take the ticket but don't stamp it. When leaving, give the unstamped ticket to the gate.

Parking costs 24 € for the whole duration of the event (Fri-Sun). If you want to buy a full weekend ticket, drive to the parking garage, take your parking ticket, and then buy a replacement ticket from Messukeskus office throughout the weekend. You can enter and leave the parking area as many times as you please.

One-time parking ticket costs 12 € and it entitles you to enter and exit once. You can pay the parking ticket to a vending machine or at the ticket cashiers. You can pay with cash and credit cards. You can buy a parking ticket of 24 hours in advance where the time starts running after you enter the parking garage.

To do this:

  1. Drive in and take the ticket from the machine, gate opens.
  2. NOTE! If you want the whole weekend ticket, you need to buy it from Messukeskus' Exhibition office.  (Fri 10-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 10-17)
  3. When driving out the gate rises when you place the ticket in the machine.
  4. If you lose your parking ticket, you can buy a replacement ticket for €20. The vending machine has a specific button for this.

There are some parking space available nearby in Pasila, but they are usually paid parking with limited time - you will probably end up with a parking ticket from Messukeskus. You can try out velodromi parking area. Walking distance to Messukeskus is short.