Asm Winter 2017 program - and something about chairs!

Assembly Winter 2017 again in Messukeskus, 3rd to 5th February 2017. 

We have launched two pro tournaments, for CS.GO and Overwatch. More infromation of the CS:GO from OW-tournament will be published later on, but it will be invitational four team tournament. Will we see HIFK REDS, ENCE and perhaps NiP on the venue?

Casual tournaments will have the prize pool of 10.000 euros and there will be a lot more to play on CS:GO, SC2, Hearthstone and League of Legends. We will have a tournament for each game on Friday and Saturday. Prize pools will be published later.

Speed running at Assembly! Speed Games United is an speedrunning event organized by FinnRuns - and for the first time in Finland, we are seeing speedrunning in this magnitude!

In a nutshell, the goal of speedrunning is to finish the game as fast as possible with a set of rules and/or requirements by utilizing every glitch and bug the game has to offer. The two most common categories are Any% and 100%: the goal of Any% is to finish the game as fast as possible without any rules or limitations, whereas the goal of 100% is to beat the game with all items collected and every side quest completed.

Streamcorner will get you once again the biggest streaming stars from the gaming, with meet & greet sessions and lots of various other activities. 

If you are missing your Assembly Winter ticket, please visit our webshop - computer seats are still available, but will be most probably sold out like in previous years. So be quick!

Jimm's PC will be at the venue with the famous shop. You get also entrance to the MP motorcycle fair with Assembly ticket. 

And one more thing, did you have the patience to read all? Own chairs are now allowed throughout the hall, in all places. You got it right, you can bring your own chair if it is less than 70cm wide or deep. Larger chairs are ok in premium seats. 

See you at Assembly!