OMEN by HP supports Overwatch BYOC

Assembly Winter 2018 is a treat to Overwatch fans as on top of of the pro tournament OMEN by HP is also supporting the casual Overwatch BYOC tournament with the semifinals and the final being played on OMEN by HP gear.

Casual tournaments have always been the bread and butter of Assembly, but in Winter 2018 we are going to elevate the casual tournament in a whole new way. In the OMEN by HP: Overwatch BYOC tournament the semifinals are played on the OMEN by HP stand, and the final is played on a professional tournament stage in front of a live audience narrated by professional commentators. The semifinals and the final are thus played on OMEN by HP gear, and the winners can get some of the gear with them as they will each earn high quality OMEN by HP 27 gaming displays!

The Overwatch BYOC tournament starts on Friday, February 2. You can sign-up on the tournament page.


1. 6 x OMEN by HP 27 -pelinäyttö (value ~900€)
2. Product prizes
3. Product prizes

Casual tournaments on pro stages

Other casual tournaments will also be brought into spotlight at Assembly Winter 2018 as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive BYOC as well as the Dota 2 BYOC will have their finals played on professional tournament stages. We are now trying something completely new in Finland, but we believe that the finals of the best Finnish casual gamers is something that will gain attention.

Saturday, February 3
15:00 Overwatch BYOC semi-finals at OMEN by HP stand
18:30 Overwatch BYOC final on Overwatch stage
19:00 CS:GO BYOC final on CS:GO stage
23:00 Dota 2 BYOC final on Overwatch stage

Assembly Organizing

25.01.2018 18.50