Speed Games United

Speed Games United is an speedrunning event organized by FinnRuns - and for the first time in Finland, we are seeing speedrunning in this magnitude!

In a nutshell, the goal of speedrunning is to finish the game as fast as possible with a set of rules and/or requirements by utilizing every glitch and bug the game has to offer. The two most common categories are Any% and 100%: the goal of Any% is to finish the game as fast as possible without any rules or limitations, whereas the goal of 100% is to beat the game with all items collected and every side quest completed.

FinnRuns is the first, and for the time being, the only Finnish speedrunning community which has organized speedrun-marathons from the year 2014 forward. After four events it is time to amp up the volume. In cooperation with Assembly, FinnRuns brings an international speedrunning event to Assembly Winter 2018, held in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Speed Games United (for shorter SGU) differs from our previous marathons with its international content and English casting. Whole event will be streamed on Twitch but you can also come to see us live on the site. Together, let’s make this event the best one so far!