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Gamedev entries updated

Published: 07/31 16:13

The Game Development competition entries have been updated on Thursday at 12:00.

There are total of 14 gamedev entries participating in the ASSEMBLY'06 competitions this year. These games will be presented on the big screen on Thursday at 23:00.

Just download the games from: FTP, eDome FTP; nebula FTP, or MBnet HTTP and start playing!

And here are the games in alphabetical and the showing order we will use on Thursday:


1. Absorb by Absorb development team

Absorb is a free-scrolling top-down view abstract shooter with a strong emphasis on tribute towards multiple shooter classics - mostly R-Type series from Irem.

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula; UPDATED


2. Antigravitaattori by Team Sauna

The youth of Neptune tornment their local neighborhoods by organizing illegal races with their antigravitator beam powered racing saucers. Do you have what it takes to handle a Neptunean racing saucer? Can you master the art of Antimatter Charger-powered racing?

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula;, Linux (eDome; nebula; UPDATED

Armageddon Armadillo Assault

3. Armageddon Armadillo Assault by Traction & Jumalauta

There comes a time in every armadillos life when negotiating with your enemies is not an option. Polish your shell, grab your minigun and get ready to strike fear into hearts of your enemies! Your mission is simple: Jump, roll and kill everything that moves.

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula;


4. Bloboats by Blobtrox

Bloboats is a boat racing game in the spirit of Elasto Mania or X-Moto, introducing a handful of elements from Super Mario Bros -like games.

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula;, Linux (eDome; nebula; UPDATED

Boom! Boom! Driller!

5. Boom! Boom! Driller! by Ass Hat Designs

Boom! Boom! Driller! is a game where the player performs various digging / mining operations using explosive drills.

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula;


6. CellRace by

CellRace is a turn based game, which is derived from a game that is played with pen and a squared paper. However, manually drawn race tracks on paper are cumbersome and not very precise. The CellRace game does all the layout and logic for you.

Download: Java (MIDP) (eDome; nebula;

Frets on fire

7. Frets on fire by Unreal Voodoo

Frets on Fire is a game of musical skill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with the keyboard as accurately as possible.

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula;, Linux (eDome; nebula; UPDATED

Highway to Assembly

8. Highway to Assembly by Archee

You drive a heavy car, and you hate to damage everything that's in the way. Your goal is the bust all Micro$oft products in the area. There will be a lot of debris. It's worth a try, only 2.3Mb to download!

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula;

Racing Pitch

9. Racing Pitch by tAAt 2006 & Skinflake

Racing Pitch sets you to be the engine for a racing car! You must use a microphone to mimic the engine sound, which the game will listen and set you blazing forward accordingly. Different driving characters, eleven tracks and exhaust pipe awards are just waiting for you. It leaves you breathless!

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula;


10. Spacetruck by Kutale Entertainment

Spacetruck is a classic-style single player sidescroller set in the wastelands of distant future. The player's job is to work one full day as an intergalactic truck driver delivering goods between platforms in his hover-truck. Bad weather conditions, traffic and other obstacles can give you a rough time making that high score!

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula; UPDATED


11. Stariffic by XZM

Stariffic is a small physics based puzzle platformer for mobile J2ME, browser applet and java desktop application platforms.

Download: Java (MIDP2, Applet, Desktop) (eDome; nebula; UPDATED

Super Puzzle 9

12. Super Puzzle 9 by Aroppuu

Super Puzzle 9 - Fast paced and easy-to-learn timekiller. Drag rectangles with your mouse and rotate the tiles clockwise or counter-clockwise with mouse buttons. Connect at least 3 blocks of a kind to destroy them. Destoy all blocks on the screen.

Download: Windows & Linux (eDome; nebula;


13. TattooFrenzy by Fingersoft

Draw tattoos with your PocketPC touch screen. Customers enter your tattoo place and they each want a specific tattoo. You should draw it fast and accurately enough, or the customer will surely kick your ass!

Download: PocketPC (eDome; nebula;

UBV 2006

14. UBV 2006 by IHIHI

UBV 2006 is a fast-paced arcade beach volley game designed for up to four player fun. Grab a couple of gamepads and create your own players. Classic, Arcade and Extreme modes for playing with or without bonus powerups!

Download: Windows (eDome; nebula; UPDATED

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